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Private Server Melee out Of Control

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Hey I run a private boosted server but I've focused on just taming and harvesting multipliers. All my dinos seem super op when it comes to melee can anyone with experience give me a hand figuring out how to make the melee output more like official. I want you to gather more but not ruin the boss fights etc.. Thanks in advance

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Don't adjust the melee per level stat multiplier for any of the dino fields and don't adjust specific creature damage multipliers either. 

Harvest rate is the amount they harvest. And if you want you can adjust the dino harvest damage so they collect faster. There are also multipliers for each specific resource. So if you want to collect more metal and not as much stone or more mejo and narco berries and not as much of the others. 

If you want more challenge at boss fights you can increase the wild damage output (does not affect melee of a dino once tamed) which will make them more difficult. Keep in mind though this affects every wild creature. So if you go too high a level 30 pego will kill in 2 or 3 hits. 

Harvesting rate and, if you want, harvest multiplier for specific resources will increase the amount you get. I have always been a believer in to get better melee, tame higher level (not always the case) and mostly breed for mutations (best way to get better melee).

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