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Official servers are flooded with big tribes and structures. Small tribes are okay but it’s still about who grinds the most. Arkpocalypse is fun for about a week. Games 99% grind and to time consuming. We need SOTF, jump on the bandwagon wild card, the most popular games are battle royals and if you bring back SOTF you could make a killing. The Ark community needs the refreshing fast pace pvp game you created. The only reason it died and never became big is because you let it. 


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10 hours ago, Gdude45678 said:

Few ways in my opinion

1 make cosmetics for dinos a pay to get and doesnt transfer between version

2 cut down on dinos that are available in game (like 5 carnivores, 5 herbivores, with special events or seasonal dinos)


When i was writing this it was late at night, but basically i think number 2 is the most confusing. When i wrote it i think for SOTF would only need 5 of each dino (herb and carno) so if it was herb, it would be parasaur, trike, stego, mammoth, bronto. And if it was a carnivore, it would be raptor, carno, allo, ptera, and rex.

Ptera being optional and could be swapped out for something else hope it clears confusion

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Posted (edited)

I just want to play an ark game mode that targets pvp. No grinding, hop on have some fun do it again. Something I don’t have to poor life into it lose All my loot, then repeat. It’s exhausting. They need a Refreshing game mode (sotf) . I love this game it’s unique but it’s not worth the amount of time, bugs, and bull that you go through on these official servers. SOTF gives you that place to go to get into that pure ark pvp that we all enjoy. 

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