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Hi all Dwayne is new here! :)

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Im new here in ark forum and searched like along time to find something like this here i tryed via facebook instagram whatsapp but nothing worked very good. But this forum seems to be very active with alot of good people and nice community :)). 

Im a huge fan of ark im a classic gamer and it is my second most played game ever with about 800h yet. I played since 1 year or longer with some small breaks. I play PC pve/pvp. atm im playing only on pve offical server main rag but havent explored abberation which will be huge fun. I tryed alot tamed so much and explored and build alot. The part where im not so into ist hatching/raising imprinting but im doing that atm xd.

i realy like the trading aspect of ark. trading is half of the fun xD. And its very usefull. On our aktive server with many players we share and trade kibble or trade dinos/mats. Thats why i realy looking forward to get the key for the trading part here ;).

thx for reading 

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