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Please Extend the Extinction Event on Dedicated Servers

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Is there anyway to continue the Extinction event on dedicated servers? I recently had to reinstall my game twice this week due to a bug I had where the loading screen would freeze after clicking the start button in Ark. My game and servers were working fine prior to the last update. I went online and discovered that I wasn't  the only one having that same issue with the game. Because of having to reinstall the game, I lost some really cool stuff and some pretty cool looking dinos. I lost all of my archeology stuff I collected including the special skins and I lost several rare dinos that were all blue and purple. The people on my server also lost stuff that can't be replaced now that the Extinction event is over. Can you please extend the event for another week, or provide us Admin's with the code to continue the event on our servers? I know people still do the Easter Event on their servers, so why not the Extinction event. Please help!

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