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Looking for advice on PS4 private servers

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Hey there,


So I’m trying to research running my own server off a PS4 for other players, and had a few things I need to figure out.  Any advice should be helpful:

- Does the PS4, acting as server, memory space/internet connection effect other players gameplay?

- How do players save their progress prior to the server map being changed, in the event we switch back to an old map. (i.e. The Island->Scorched Earth->The Island)?

- Can official Game Mods (i.e. Play as Dino) be applied to a PS4 based server, or only a Nitrado/PC server?

- Is there a way to run a Map Cluster using a PS4 so players can be using more than 1 map at a time?

- If the main PS4 losses power, is game data saved for players that used the server?

- What is the max # of players that can operate on a PS4 run server at once?


I’ll probably have a couple more eventually, but any help on this by an admin, or fellow server owners, would be appreciated.

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I just rent from Nitrado and run a 4 map cluster. I played on a friend's hosted server and 2 things I hated about that were the tether and the fact that his PS4 had to remain on. If he turned it off, players would get kicked. 

As far as mods, PC only. 

I believe if you lose power, the players only have whatever was saved at the last game save. 

I'm not sure on anything else as my experience with this was extremely short lived and for good reason.

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