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PvX Game Mode Overview


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Welcome to PvX

PvX is an all-new multiplayer game mode which combines elements of PvP and PvE into one map. Now, you can build a base safely in PvE and venture into PvP when you're ready for a challenge. These servers are currently available in all regions.



PvX Rules

  • A giant border wall is present in the game, marking the PvP zone
  • The center of the Island, all caves, and Carno Island are all PvP zones
  • No building is allowed near the central PvP border for 100 ft. on either side
  • Standard PvE structure prevention rules are in place on the entire Island (ie. no cave building, no obelisk building)
  • Additional structure prevention rules are applied to Carno Island and the Volcano (except for the very top of the Volcano)
  • The following buffs are active in the PvP zones: +50% Stamina, +10% Melee Damage, +10% Movement Speed, +50% XP Gains, +50% Structure Health, and +50% Imprint Effectiveness
  • The following buffs are active in the PvE zone: -50% XP Gains
  • Resource respawn rates are reduced 3x in the PvE zone
  • Resource respawn rates are increased 2x in PvP zones
  • Tribe size is limited to 6 Survivors
  • Supply Beacons have been added to the PvP zones
  • Amber Deposits only spawn in the PvP zones
  • Revival Platforms cannot be placed in the PvE zone
  • Survivors cannot be dragged or carried from PvP to the PvE zone
  • Upon leaving a PvP zone, there is a 20 second cooldown timer before PvE rules take effect
  • The following 4 creatures are incredibly rare to find in the PvE zone: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giganotosaurus, Quetzal and Argentavis
  • Crafting Stations are not available for purchase from the in-game store on Primal Pass Only PvX servers

Known Issues

  • Approximately 10% of Supply Beacons are landing underground
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