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PvP Balancing

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Hi there, 

I was wondering if some experienced PvP player could help me with an inquiry. I have heard a lot of talk on discord, forums, reddit, etc. about pvp balancing and how important it is to whether a server is successful or not. So, I was wondering if you some experienced PvP players could share with me what they look for in a balanced in a server (i.e. what makes or breaks it for you)? What, in your mind, equates to an imbalanced PvP server? Also, specifically on flyers in general, what do you believe is balanced? For example, if a server included Classic Flyers mods, what do you believe is a balanced way to configure this mod? If you're willing to discuss in more detail over discord or in PMs, please let me know. I appreciate all replies in advance. I hope everyone has a great Sunday. 

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