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What I mean is, in single player there are a lot of things that are a complete waste of time and resources to get, such as tek tier, or a giga. Sure, they look cool, but you can only walk around the map with it, so what's the point? 

What I'm proposing is either make a setting or implement it as a feature to add some functionality to those things, like tek tier and giga being able to enter boss arenas, or something more to the oceans so there's incentive to go into it in SP.

I understand that the game is meant to be played online where you can get raid/get raided by other players, but every server I've played on has been toxic. Either it's the admins let people run rampant and do dumb and aggravating things such as what's typically on official servers, or the admins are absolute jerks who use console commands and admin rights to essentially bully people on their server because they think it's hilarious. 

It would just be nice to have some functionality or even a reason for getting them.

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