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Chain Bola Don't Last Long Enough!

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Chain Bola's Don't last long enough to be much use for the cost. They last about 15 seconds, While high up in the air as they are dropping to the ground takes about 10 of those seconds. Normal bola's last about 30 seconds and are very cheap. ( i know they are for smaller dino's ) But I think the chain bola's would be worth the price if they lasted the same time on bigger dino's or at least make up for the time they are falling. Dragons get hit by one go down for not even 5 seconds. not even enough time to get the other dino's on top of them before they are back in the air on their marry way. They hardly do anything to other flyers as they wear off so quick for the cost.

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The only trap in this game worth anything in my opinion is the bola for small carnivores.  There is a super fine niche the large bear trap carved out for holding the giga for those critical few seconds as you throw the last metal Dino gate up behind the giga to trap it.  All the traps need a reworking and a buff in this game, especially plant species Y.  There’s a reason while I continue to use taming rafts to this day.

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