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Ragnarok: Easter egg? What is this?

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On 7/8/2018 at 11:57 AM, Chelly said:

Thats just some random part of the map that wasnt optimized perfectly, you can find stuff like that on any map

I Highly doubt that to be a glitch mate. I look more closely at it and that Is full on Someone's Right Hand. The Ragnarok Dev's have done crazy stuff like this before, Have you not seen the Torture Chamber.

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On prim+ we have  deadfall traps that look like the picture you posted, those are little dinos caught under the fallen rock.

You aren't on prim+ so definitely not something another player put down, but still might be what it is meant to look like, a compy foot sticking out, like some npc had a camp there.  Sorta like the npc sleeping bag in the relic cave in Highlands or the frozen adventurerers at entrance to the lower ice cave or the dinos/adventurers webbed in the jungle cave. i think more for flavor than a puzzle to be solved.

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