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Weapon ideas for more flavor in primitive PvP fights

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One-handed battleaxes;

What if we had a weapon that completely ignored the armor-system, and instead lost base damage depending on the enemies armor tier? Not including TEK (numbers are of course not set in stone);

Weapon Durability: 55

Weapon damage: 60

Riot armour          -    -55  base damage.
Flak Armour         -    -40  base damage.
Chitin Armour      -   -20   base damage.
Ghillie Armour     -    -12  base damage.
Hide Armour        -    -12  base damage.
Cloth Armour       -    -4    base damage.
Unarmoured        -      No base damage penalty.

With the high base damage of 60 as stone tier, it would be the single most effective weapon for PvP in the early, primitive stages of the game, against unarmored foes. This would negate the ''low risk - high reward'' feeling that the club and bola combination granted before the nerf on club was introduced, while maintaining a high damage when facing enemies that have not yet acquired high end armor. 

Something that would make the weapon a whole lot more interesting, would be a dual-wielding feature, letting you couple the axe with another, or if you so wish, just a regular shield. However, dual-wielding with another axe could grant double the attack speed, and while wielding the stone tier, a special attack, an axe throw. Similar to the spear throw, you would charge the throw up by holding down your right-mousebutton. Charging it for 5 seconds would grant the full projectile speed and length of the throw (significantly lower than the spear), and for every second charged, up to 5 seconds, the throw would be granted +4 damage (this damage ignores armor) up to a maxium of 20 damage.

Up to a cap, the axe throw would gain speed and distance from your bonus melee damage (not to be confused with total), but also, an uncapped damage boost equal to 1/3 of your bonus melee damage. 

Math explanation for 100% total melee, unarmored enemy:

X= Charge time.


If X = 5 this would mean the axe throw does;

60+20=80 damage on an unarmored enemy. 

With any added percentage to your total melee damage, a new part of the equation is added, the bonus melee part. 


If we have the total melee damage of 200%, the bonus melee would be 100%, and the value of Z would be 1. If we were to charge the axe for 5 seconds again, the X value is once again 5, meaning;

(60*1)/3+60+20 = 100 damage.

If we change this up, and say the total melee is 300%, bonus melee of 200%, value of 2. And the charge bonus, once again 5 seconds...

(60*2)/3+60+20 = 120 damage.

And so on and so fourth.


How this would work on an armored foe is a little bit different, it is not adviced and the damage output is severely punished;

Without buffing melee, the base damage of the throw versus an enemy in flak armor would be:

(60-40)+4X, fully charged, (60-40)+20= 40 damage. Keep in mind that the damage from the charge-up always ignores armor.

With a total melee damage of 200%, a bonus of 100%, value 1, fully charged:

((60-40)*1)/3+(60-40)+20= roughly 47 damage (too many decimals after dividing 20/3).

Same calculation, but with 300% total melee, a bonus of 200, value of 2: 

((60-40)*2)/3+(60-40)+20= roughly 53 damage (too many decimals after dividing 40/3).

I'd say only the stone tier (two tiers, metal and stone) would be throwable, kind of like the spear, but both are dual-wieldable. 

A thrown axe that hits a target is only retrievable if it is a killing blow. Axes does not land a hit on a player or dinosaur, will instead be retrievable just like a spear, but suffers a third of it's durability. 

Using the battle axe as a hatchet would be equally effective, but it costs twice the durability (0.8 damage per harvest). PvE combat with the axe will lose 40 base damage (same as versus flak), making it weaker than a spear.


Feedback? Go crazy!

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