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So i play official pvp, and as you would expect get thru a lot of tames. In the interest of passing time id ask about other peoples dino names an how they name them. 

Im in smallish tribe so i dont always just name things after my psn or character. Often i hit google for baby names related to the dino i.e colour, i have a Blue Giga called Azule.. Some times i name for a specific reason, i had another giga called "Mo Feckin Farah" because all it ever wanted when raising was long ass walks for imprints (RiP Mo..) other names ive had include Fleshlight for a featherlight, Edward for a theri & Ronnie the Rhino... I had a whole load of Wyverns named after different devils, gigas named after serial killers & sex offenders & reapers named after Nazi's from ww2. 




Anyone want to share thiers an entertain me? 


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I sometimes name them after what they look like. Minerals, lesser-known colors, ice cream flavors, you name it. I name black creatures Onyx, shadow, midnight, etc. I have a bright blue frog named simply Big Blue, and a black and white argie with wing tips that look like dried blood named Blood Butcher.

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I'm a nerd,  So i have some weird names, here's a few I've had over the last few months. Sorry if the format screws up, i didn't want a super long post. Some colors are a result of mods or events:

Sarco: Leatherhead

Dilo (Silver and orange): Spitfire (both a plane and an Overwatch League reference)

Griffin (black white with brown hindquarters): Storm

Thyla (Gold, Brown and White): Liao (Overwatch reference)

Thyla (blue and Red): Blue Lion (voltron reference)

Thyla (pure black): Data7 (cybersix reference)

Sabercat (purple and black): Panthor

Procoptodon (stripes match his main body color): Kangaroo Jack

Procoptodon (strips like KJ, also the only survivor of breeding bugs): Ripley

Dark colored Raptor with Purple feathers: Oblivion            

Raptor: GHz

Ankleo: IPV6

Ravager (Black, Grey): Retribution

Ravager (White): Revenant

Wyvern (green, Black and Yellow): Geiger

Trike (Green and black) Chernobyl

Abberant Raptor (blue shades): Blue

Bronto: Little Foot

Parasaur: Sole Survivor

Parasaur: Lone Wanderer

Wolf: Loki

Wolf: Derlix

Dilo: Sly

Trike (blue crest/toes or atleast he looked better before the TLC update) Cobalt

Red Ptera: Renegade

Hyaenodon (alpha): Spartan

Castro: Ginger Snap

Rex: Berserk Fury

Rex (Dark Grey): Gojira


Tek Parasaur (silver, Green and Brown): L3 Cache

Tek Parasaur (blue and silver): Ubuntu

Tek Parasaur (Blue silver and Teal): WaveCrest

Tek Parasaur (Blue silver and Teal): Riptide

Tek Rex (silver, Blue -2 shades- army green back with purple leds): 8-bit

Tek Rex (black and silver with red lights): Chiptune

Tek Raptor (Red and Black with red/ pink flashing lights): Ren                         

Tek Raptor (Red and white lights): Jorurí (Jōrurí results on a square for the O)

Tek Raptor (Black, orange and gold): Omega Prime

Tek Raptor (various blue/ teal shades): Cobol

Tek Stego (Red and Silver): Red Alert

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