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pvp Team 6ix Gaming - FIBER WARZ - Rag & Center - 6 Man Tribe Limit!

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PvP Server: Ragnarok

Platform: Xbox One

PvP Server Names:

 Team6ixGaming.com Rag Fiber Warz Small Tribe Custom Loot

Team6ixGaming.com Center Fiber Warz Small Tribe Custom Loot

:Stamina:Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List :Stamina:


  • 1000x Taming
  • 10x Gathering 
  • 185x Maturation
  • 1000x Hatch Speed
  • 1000x Experience Gain


Other Information:

  • Survivor Health increased x50
  • Infinite Weight
  • Survivor Stamina Increased x50
  • Survivor Oxygen increases by 2000 per point spent on Oxygen
  • Survivor Speed increases x5 normal rate
  • Survivor Fortitude increases by 20 per point spent on Fortitude
  • Fuel consumption slowed x8
  • Dino Stamina increased by x5
  • Dino Health increased by x1.5
  • 6 Man tribe limit
  • Player speed x3
  • Player damage x3
  • Crafting x3
  • NO Alliances!
  • Many more! Come check us out! 

This is Team 6ix Gaming's own community server fully paid for and operated by our staff. The only things EVER spawned into the server are for server events or in-game GIFTS that we give out for our survivors that donate. No level 1000 tames. We understand that not everyone can play this beloved game everyday of the week, therefore it makes progression on official servers sometimes very tedious and very difficult. This is exactly why we're here! We're here for YOU! We love the amazing community we have created so far and we cannot wait to continue to grow!

The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to visit our site http://www.team6ixgaming.com/ *Link to our discord server is on the homepage of the website.*

You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our site!



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