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Can anybody help me out with beating the bosses?

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I have about 400 hours on the game, so it's not like I'm new. I need help beating the bosses on any level or every level. I cannot beat them on my single player world sadly. So if anybody's beaten the bosses or thinks they can beat the bosses with a little help, message me. I have no preference between whether it's on an Official or Non-Dedicated server as long as it's in NA so I'm not lagging like crazy. 

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It's not cheating. Consider it plot armor. 

"Facing the boss, pushed to their edges, they tapped into their hidden strengths [...] after its death, tired but glad to be alive, they felt the strength leave them as if it was a dream. The potential of (love/friendship/hardwork/genetics... [pick one or more]) is truly limitless, as they have witnessed, nay, lived it themselves. "

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