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pvp 365pvp cluster: Island, Ragnarok, Aberration 5x. Extinction on release!

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Tired of spending countless hours and having sleepless nights, just to wake up to being completely wiped by the alphas? Maybe you’re tired of unofficial servers disappearing taking all your hard work away? Well, then you’ve come to the right place!. Our server gives new players 2 weeks to settle down (read what removes your immunity here). 365pvp is facilitated to give solo players and smaller tribes a new home, where we shape the server together!

Check the website to connect and join discord!


Our Server Offers

  • 5x All
  • No wipes!
  • Insider protection
  • New player protection (2 weeks raid protection, you will get reimbursed on dinos/items if you are raided while under protection)
  • 7x Weekends Double supply crate loot!
  • Active Discord server with Direct Admin Support and plenty of room to Hang Out!
  • Our unique token system allows you to buy a lot of special items in our shop! Get rewarded with the cosmetic items to show off your involvement on the server! The best way to earn tokens is through the events on our server!

Direct ip's


  • Mod collection link
  • ACM V2.6.8700
  • S.R.S - Rebalanced Stacks
  • Structures Plus (S+)
  • Meat Spoiler
  • Dino costumes
  • Tools Evolved

Server Config

  • 5x on breeding/harvesting/exp
  • Max player level: 102/132 ascension
  • Thirst and hunger: 50%
  • 3rd person enabled
  • Max tribe limit: infinite
  • Alliance Limit: infinite

Environmental config:

  • Max wild dino level 150
  • Day length: normal
  • Night length: normal
  • Gamma changes enabled
  • Crosshair enabled
  • Hit markers enabled
  • Damage numbers enabled
  • Map location enabled
  • Friendly fire enabled(not on dinos)

Play something that is worth grinding. Join us today!

Please be sure to read the rules!

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Posted (edited)

Here are our rules on new player protection:


New Player Protection
While we do understand that early raiding may be fun for a few of people, our goal is that tribes have the opportunity to experience ARK and greater PVP later on. Our New Player Protection is to give players the opportunity to progress in the game without being constantly set back. This rule is tribe oriented and applies across all maps. Once a tribe is established on one map, their protection is revoked across all maps.

  • All new tribes must have (NEW) in their tribe name
  • New player protection lasts 2 weeks at most. Use the inspector on our website to confirm that the tribe / player is 2 weeks old.
  • If the new player or tribe gets turrets the protection is revoked. Note that X plants do not count as defense.
  • If the new player joins an already settled tribe, the protection is revoked.
  • If the new player attacks other tribes, the protection is revoked.
  • If the new player/tribe raid or attacks other players the protection is revoked.
  • Do not raid any bases (thatch, wood, stone, or metal) which are owned by a new player or tribe under new player protection.

Always bear in mind that once you choose to attack of act aggressively towards others, you must be prepared for retaliation. People may pack a bigger punch than you expect. Do research, don’t get caught off-guard, and play smart!

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❤️  Great community!  Long term players are very accepting of new players which makes for a perfect start-up experience all the way to end game.   Glad to be apart of this cluster since last November and cant wait for Extinction on the horizon!

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I adore this server, I looked absolutely forever for one that has engaging members, real events, and a true progression, that brought me to 365. We have fun, challenge each other but most of all its entertaining. The long-term players here are pretty chill, versus the usual griefing mentality of massacring freshies to avoid competition.   they step up to teach those who are new., which has created a very active environment.  I had no problems establishing myself on this server, and I truly enjoy it. Hope to see you there ^.^} 

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Been playing on 365PVP servers since December of last year and it's been nothing but a positive experience. The server rates reduce the usual ARK grind substantially and enables me to enjoy ARK and progress at a reasonable rate. The admins are responsive to feedback, are quick to address issues in the community, and keep the community engaged with both PVP and PvE oriented events. The community itself is very friendly even for being a PVP server, which is a breath of fresh air in comparison to official servers. 👍

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