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Arkaeology event only for steam and not for all.

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After looking at what people tweeted yesterday I must say the forum is cleaned from negative response. 

So how do I play the event in single player if I am not on steam/pc?

Granted the event is live on console Official servers but for casual players like me now as usual it is not possible to activeevent=arkaeology in single player.

Or have WC implemented a fix for SP?In that case I do not know about it.

My reaction yesterday was a big laught and a worried thought that Jeremy left WC.

However when will events be for all players?



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4 hours ago, Nortimus04 said:

It was working for me on PS4 this morning on single player. The piles can be hard to spot from the air especially.

They spawn as you approach them. You cannot be flying that high above the ground or they will not spawn. If you must fly then fly rubbing the ground and they will spawn but you will be going fast so probably behind you. It is better to use a Rex as they will spawn right in front of you.

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