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So, I’m only replying to this in hopes that it gets read by someone who knows better. I’m fine with the tame limit. You can have plenty of Dino’s. The major problem is inherent to the taming system anyway... kibble. To get kibble one must have a female and preferably a male as well of each group that makes eggs for kibble of the next taming Dino. So to get the larger Dino’s, lower level kibble pairs must be killed off, leaving you to either retame them later or give up on that kibble. The utility of Dino’s only requires like 7. If you have multiple bases, this escalates quickly and that’s without breeding pairs. I breed Dodos for size and sabertooths for caves. This takes a minimum of 3 spots each. If they switch to the new kibble system, then the number of tames is fine, but with the old kibble system, as well as breeding, the limit is low. Yes you can buy kibble from the chef station, and I do, but it’s not ideal to have to spend amber to compensate for the game limits required by the mobile platform. 

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