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It was on a PvE server and it's not much of a problem when you have the Awesome Teleporter mod! There were a lot of tames in it, however, I went on vacation and they all decayed. The platforms near the top can each hold a wyvern and inside the floor next to the lower landing pad and the one above that I had about 20 pteranodons. A lot of the rooms remain unfinished though due to the server being shut down, but I think it looks pretty good regardless. Also, if you don't mind, send me a message with some pics of your builds. I would love to help you get better at building in Ark. For some tips, visit this thread to see some tips I sent another aspiring builder.


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I play on Xbox and I don't know how to send pics here, but believe me, you do not want to see my builds🤢   (I'm very sorry for the boxes Zombo)   (and the ladders) (and the 1 material bases) (and the ceilings)!    Crap, I need to be more creative. I try the tree thing, but then I look at my house from the beach and it is extremely visible. I like rustic cabins in the woods, so hopefully that will help me.

Maybe frames is what Nakedzombo uses all of his plundered thatch for. I wonder what his base looks like, he never shows it


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