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Why are the building mechanics (still) so awful?


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Guest DJRone89
1 hour ago, Pipinghot said:

Yeah, agreed, which is exactly the problem. A building game should have really good mechanics for... building. It's essentially the first thing in the game that should have been completely intuitive, but instead we have years of videos from people helping the player base learn how to build in spite of the mechanics. When a large portion of the youtube content for ARK is based on 'how to get around the bad building mechanics' that's a huge red flag.

It would be interesting to know if the devs has any prior experience before making this game. I hate to defend them for this, but maybe they are just amateurs who rushed through development and underestimated making a game on this scale. Engine limitations may well be the reason they can’t fix what they have started because they didn’t truly understand the depth of what they were trying to achieve.

It’s a possible reality to all of this and to why I have accepted that an idea so great was unfortunately executed so poorly. I also think the sponsored mod program is a better way to recruit people into their company, picking out the best people in the community who share the same passion as them, and in turn help them to progress in areas they have been unsuccessful.

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The engine is more than capable of creating an exquisite building system. 

This game has the worst building system out of all the games with building systems that I have played. It's the only reason I don't play it anymore.

I like to PvP/raid but because of the current building mechanics / pieces, it's far too easy to exploit a bases design and raid it or be raided.

S+ isn't cutting it. We need a building system that allows us to use our creativity and also create formidable bases.

The Forest has a simple building system, far from the best, but it still looks a lot better than ARK's building system. I haven't even played that game.

Rust has the second best building mechanics/choices, Wyrm Online being the best. But I mention Rust first because the pvp is good and raiding is fun and it's base building mechanics/choices has a lot to do with that.

The company has money to keep releasing new content so I don't see the problem why they can't refactor this ugly looking base building. It's a core mechanic of the game.

Nahhhh new dinos and guns yall.

It took me, alone, 13 hours to make a building system in ue4/blender and it blows this one away.

Point is, I know the devs behind the game are not stupid and are more than capable of creating a new base building system.


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  • Volunteer Moderator
5 minutes ago, ILoveDinosaurs said:

Point is, I know the devs behind the game are not stupid and are more than capable of creating a new base building system.

I think the problem is not really to create a new building system, but to create a new building system while keeping the existing saved structures compatible. If they start doing change to the current building implementation, this will ends into player's base being wiped which happened a few times during EA when they were tweaking some aspects of it. Either way, now that Extinction is out, I'm confident they will continue their TLC passes which will most likely includes some structure polishing. ?

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They announced that they would add S+ to the official server something like 1 years ago :D . If you asked me i would say they made there money.  I wonder if they are working on something else.  I  dont think no one want to touch how you build in the game. 


Maybe they could make an x-pack where you build easier but i dont know how they would sell it.  Because its all about the money .  Scorch Earth was terrible for me i hated it so much but for them it was good because it made good money.  

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