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Pillars issue aka "Ark Structures Changes" aka fighting land greed

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I read announcement about structure changes that was made in attempt to fight land greed (World of Pillars). And I also read about desicion not to roll it out yet, I am glad to see that WC heard us and considered our concerns. Thank you!


Here I am trying to add my few cents and suggest something.

Ppl use pillars and acquaring land for different resaons, and it is not only greed, it is also attempt to protect important spots that the entire community use (such as metal/obsidian/crystalls spawns). It also used to protect some lend just next to their base so that they may have space to expand the base in the future and also have some space for resources to respawn (wood, stone, fiber). And finally , of course, simple greed ("I dont' want neighboars").

Basically, all reasons are valid. Even greed. Yet until it comes way too far and ppl pilaring way too much land.

My suggestion:
 - instead of fighting it - legilize and regulate it. Give each tribe items that they may use to claim the land. Particular amount per tribe. Or per user. Some sort of special "pillars-like items.

Optional: help us to protect important spots: enter limitation in the game and do not allow to build close to:
  -- metal/obsidian/crystals spawn
  -- caves entrances
  -- beacon drop spots 

all metioned areas above are points to be protected for community use and players frequetnly do  this protection with pillars.

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Some kind of flag to claim an area would be interesting ! 

Take the flag away and everybody will be able to build on the claimed land. 


But to be honest, their idea looked great. Pillaring an area is not the best way to do it, even for "good reasons". If someone build at the wrong place, tell him to go or destroy his base ? (in pvp). But for pve your idea could be a thing. 

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