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pve ❈ ALL Official Maps + Olympus/Volcano/Crystal Isles[5x All 10xHatch] Æsir

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Æsir is a relaxed PvE Ark community focused on breeding, building and events. We offer a variety of structure, décor and breeding mods to keep things interesting. Most servers sport a community center with starter dinos, gear and a crafting room to help get you on your feet!

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Server Settings

  • 145 Max Player level (if you ascend on both Aberration and The Island)
  • 210 Max dino level (Difficulty 7.0)
  • 5x Experience
  • 5x Gathering
  • 5x Taming (7x if done via immersive taming mod)
  • 10x Hatching/Gestation
  • 5x Maturation
  • 0.25x Breeding Cooldown
  • 2x Egg Laying
  • 2x crop growth
  • Boosted carry weight of both players and dinos (1.75)!
  • 2x longer days
  • Platform dinos and raft structure limit 3x
  • Food, Water and Stamina decrease slightly slower
  • Flyer carry enabled

Quality of Life Mods

  • Structures Plus
  • Platforms Plus (fixed snap points!)
  • Immersive Taming (alternative taming method rather than tranq-and-feed)
  • Speedy Flyers (with breeding enabled for wyverns, griffins, rock drakes, phoenix, etc.)
  • Stack Me More (built in element and trophy transfer)
  • Sala Reusable Tools (unbreakable gliders, scissors, whip, climbing picks and more!)
  • Dino Storage (never reach your tame limit when you can stick dinos in a box)
  • Craftable Wyvern milk and Nameless Venom
  • Appetizer (make tames hungry faster, tranq darts that can't hurt taming effectiveness)
  • Giga Chill Pill (good news! It's a suppository! Removes rage mechanic)
  • Sel Vision (Tek Binoculars)
  • Death Helper (body fell under the world? Yank it out!)
  • HG Seed Crafter (grow all mushrooms, rare flowers, silk plants, etc)
  • Upgrade Station (upgrade items you don't have blueprints for yet)
  • Tekgrams4U (Learn tek tier without fighting bosses)

Cosmetic Mods

  • Rare Sightings
  • Castles Forts and Keeps
  • Eco’s RP Decor
  • Eco’s Gardening Decor
  • Eco’s Gardening Decor
  • Eco’s Aberration Decor
  • Eco Trees
  • Vanilla Armor Skins

Mod Collection
Mod Collection Here!

The Center has a few extra building and decoration mods to breathe a little life into the old map as a builder’s paradise!
Center Mod Collection Here!

Mod Map Collection
Download the maps you plan to visit, you don’t need them all if you don’t wish to travel there.
Our Mod Maps Here! 

Additional Features
   ▸ Element and trophies transfer between maps freely in your inventory
   ▸ High level dinos spawn with the same frequency as Ragnarok across all maps
   ▸ Unlimited Mindwipes
   ▸ Mindwipe for dinos (Elle's Tequila)
   ▸ Tek dinos and Rare Sightings spawn up to level 252
   ▸ Can tame Reaper Queens, Rock Drakes and Wyverns via Immersive Taming (They're combat tames, be ready for a fight!)
   ▸ Snappy Saddles integrated into tool mod
   ▸ Admin Support via tickets means your voice is always heard
   ▸ Dedicated hardware & Admin team
   ▸ S+ Mutator breeding and mutations enabled
   ▸ Highly active community with ample build space

Connection information

Valguero:  ark.aesirgaming.org:27214
Aberration:  ark.anagaming.gq:27060
Ragnarok 1:  ark.anagaming.gq:27015
Ragnarok 2:  ark.aesirgaming.org:27214
Volcano:  ark.anagaming.gq:27025
Olympus:  ark.anagaming.gq:27050
The Island:  ark.anagaming.gq:27200
Extinction:  ark.anagaming.gq:27070
Scorched Earth:  ark.anagaming.gq:27202
The Center:  ark.anagaming.gq:27204
Crystal Isles:  ark.anagaming.gq:27206

Edited by AesirNeoArcadia
Updated Ad to reflect server changes

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