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pve Æsir 4 Server Cluster: Rag/Ab/Volcano/Crystal Isles [5xp All 10Hatch]

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Æsir is a new PvE Ark community focused on breeding, building and events.  We take an "Ark and Chill" approach for players tired of riding the struggle bus. We offer a variety of structure, décor and breeding mods to keep things interesting. Each server sports a community center with starter dinos, gear and a crafting room to help get you on your feet. One server features a rotating map that changes every 3 months so there will always be new horizons to explore; currently, we're doing Crystal Isles! Come check us out, you won't be disappointed!

Each of the main servers also feature a community center with free starter dinos, gear, and a crafting room complete with replicator and industrial forge to help get you on your feet.

Server Settings

  • 145 Max Player level (if you ascend on both Aberration and Volcano)
  • 210 Max dino level (Difficulty 7.0)
  • 5x Experience
  • 5x Gathering
  • 5x Taming (8x if done via immersive taming mod)
  • 10x Hatching/Gestation
  • 5x Maturation
  • 0.25x Breeding Cooldown
  • 2x Egg Laying
  • 2x crop growth
  • Boosted carry weight of both players and dinos (1.75)!
  • 2x longer days
  • Platform dinos and raft structure limit 3x
  • Food, Water and Stamina decrease slightly slower


Quality of Life Mods:

  • Structures Plus
  • Platforms Plus
  • Immersive Taming
  • Speedy Flyers (with breeding enabled for wyverns, griffins, rock drakes, phoenix, etc.)
  • Stack Me More (built in element and trophy transfer)
  • Sala Reusable Tools (unbreakable gliders, scissors, whip, climbing picks and more!)
  • Dino Storage (never reach your tame limit when you can stick dinos in a box)
  • Balanced Kibble
  • Appetizer
  • Giga Chill Pill
  • Sel Vision (Tek Binoculars)
  • HG Seed Crafter (grow all mushrooms, rare flowers, silk plants, etc)
  • Upgrade Station (upgrade items you don't have blueprints for yet)
  • Tekgrams4U


Cosmetic Mods

  • Rare Sightings
  • Castles Forts and Keeps
  • Eco’s RP Decor
  • Eco’s Gardening Decor
  • Eco’s Gardening Decor
  • Eco’s Aberration Decor
  • Eco Trees
  • Pimp My Home Building Parts and Furniture
  • Redwoods Anywhere (not just redwoods, giant palms, mushrooms, cherry trees and more!)
  • Vanilla Armor Skins


Mod Collection

Mod Collection Here!





Additional Features

  • Admin Support via tickets
  • Dedicated Admins
  • Growing community with ample build space


Connection information

Aberration: ark.anagaming.gq:27060

Ragnarok: ark.anagaming.gq:27015

Volcano: ark.anagaming.gq:27025

Olympus: ark.anagaming.gq:27050

Crystal Isles ark.anagaming.gq:27070

Edited by AesirNeoArcadia
Updated mod list

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