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I would go for Argy... there is no step that feels as big, progress wise, as your first argy... farming, taming and killing stuff gets so much easier

I have to go with the thyla, its mobile and fast, good for caves and killing stuff. But the thing thats makes it my favourite is when im taming stuff, just sit on the back and shoot. If u got a good o

Look people. There is one animal that can tame ANY OTHER animal, has unlimited oxygen so nothing and nowhere is off limits, land or sea. Easily makes one of the most pain staking items needed for EVER

On 1/27/2021 at 3:51 PM, thedrongoofark said:

Ah Extinction. really depends on where you spawn but I'm going to talk about city because that's the best. If you don't really want to travel outside it, I actually used megaloceros a bunch of times to get around and that was quite useful. if you're thinking of going outside, two essential things: enforcers. a bunch. They're great at killing corrupted things as everyone knows, but also rexes are good. and I know I'm supposed to be talking about early game creatures but my god the amount of times I've seen rexes get stuck in the city and then I can just pepper them with arrows is truly amazing. A lot of shooting vantage points too. oh and of course pteranodon is good for city because you don't want to be travelling miles just to get to this one road thing above you.

Extinction, I’d say first thing, ASAP get an enforcer, not only are they fast, can put out good damage, especially to corrupted, they can climb the weird city landscape and take no fall dmg(very important) they can teleport outa tough situations and in general TP is goo. They can also go faster with TP. As for rexs. They are incredibly easy to tame here. Not only do they not live in areas without millions of scorpions, raptors, wolves, spinos, and more, there are also cliffs to shoot down at it from(ones that don’t have crevices for em to hide) there are also straight clear spots to run and shoot method. Along with the fact rex has a minuet long roar letting you get 4 or 5 free crossbow shots. Especially if you have enforcer, taming any non flyer/climber/shooter, is EZ. Just attract attention, go up onto a ledge with enforcer shoot down. Another good ones on EXT are mouse untill you get enforcer(and after it’s the secound best thatch gather in game) it has decent weight and speed. Megatherium. Easy to tame, almost rex level stats, and BUG DEATH. Just watch out for droidekas. Next is Stego, especially after TLC both being easy to tame with slow speed and being able to trap it on a wall or tree or something, and it having nice big packs, it’s pretty strong and tanky, and a good harvester. Carno, maybe not great, but at least it’s fast, and with a good level and mate bost it can tear through a lot. Argy is present in obilisk park(best place ever!) and argy is good for Cary. Beaver and doed and anky for wood and stone metal are all around to. Also Tapajara and ptdons for travel and taming. Also velono is getable and rideable at an early level, good for taking down things and being a guard.

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I've never tried enforcers, they kinda have this reputation of being absolute garbo in PvP and it feels like they're outclassed dmg wise by velos AND mobility wise by manas even in PvE. What would you say is the advantage of farming for enforcer when you could literally instant tame a mana with the proper trap? Genuine question btw I do like how enforcers look.

On extinction honestly every exclusive creature is worth a tame : owl, velo, mana, gachas. They're all the best at what they do.

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