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xbox one Cant join any official servers

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Its been five days since I was able to play on the offical servers. The last time i was on i turned my xbox off, though i didnt quit the game, so i was still on the server. So when i got on the next day, i realised i was still on, so i exited the server (NA100) and quit the game. After that, i was unable to join any official server. It would say that im joining the server ther after a while "connection timeout". I have nearly tried evrything that might resolve the issue but to no avail. I think i found a bug

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Could you have been banned? They claim to be cracking down. Could your xbl gold subscription run out?Otherwise try restarting your router. Doubt it matters but what I like to do is turn off and unplug my router and xbox and then restart my rounter and let it load back up completely before turning on my xbox.

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