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modding Wildcard Workshop #6: Config Options


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As requested, I have made the topic for Wildcard Workshop #6 to be about setting up config options for your mods

We revisit our old "Dino Shrine" mod and set up some of the variables to be configurable using the ini file.
You can find the files, in the same state as they are in the beginning of the video, in the following download
Config Options Practice Files

To extract (Using Winrar) place the archive in your /mods/ folder and use "Extract Here", not "Extract Files..."


The config option for setting the dino class as shown in the video is:


For the next video we will actually be looking at cooking this mod and uploading it to the workshop, and I will show you how to set up multiple workshop items off of the same mod folder so that you can have items on the workshop for testing your changes before pushing them out to the public.

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