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breeding Breeding Mechanics and time are too long

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Changing breeding will have alot of unintended side effects regarding play style and effect how much people `care` about their dinos.


I can assure you if you make breeding easier, You make raiding easier, which makes people less likely to make huge bases, Which means they play less even though they came tame more. Funny huh.


Stop playing PvP if you want to play PvE.

Stop playing PvP if you want to play PvE.

Stop playing PvP if you want to play PvE.

Stop playing PvP if you want to play PvE.


There is this thing called Modded servers, You can look at that cancer as an example of what Official would become if you change breeding. 


The fact that breeding is so "hard" is one of the HUGE attracting factors of this game and the people who cry like this on the forum don't represent almost any of us / are usually some salty mega tribe trying to ruin the game. (imo)


When people say change breeding I immediately remind myself that people cried so hard that you could rush Pter and grief servers and then when they made it so you cant rush Pter they also cried extremely hard.


Protip: Don't post on the forums while you are raising a QZ, Rex or a Giga or a Yutty, Sleep dep.

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I agree with the OP to some extend on this. This game reminds me a lot of a game called "Eve" where the most important factor in that game is time based. Losing tames sucks and even more so as a solo or small tribe on official, however it is excepted given you are not the alpha and it is pvp. However the "pvp" in this game is kind of a joke. Getting offline raided is not pvp and someone with vastly stronger dinos grabbing you and walking up to your base is not pvp really either. It is more PvB or PvE at that point.

Also more people would fight more often if losing stuff was less of a big deal. However this would make the issue of alpha tribes even more of a problem because they would build up even faster if it was easier. Having the game on another perma 2x would make it much better IMO also but plenty would disagree. As far as taming/breeding goes, some of the dinos are so OP when breed correctly that it slightly makes sense it takes so long. Its like having the best ship in EVE, takes years literally just to fly it. However having to stop constantly to feed babys is kind of frustating even more so for a solo player or small tribe. I would suspect that if you are solo or small tribe then you simply wont do very well compared to larger ones which should be the case given the way the game works.

It would be nice to see some changes that benefit solo or small groups more though. And having limits on tribes might be nice keeping them smaller which would cause more real pvp in the game if no one would be bigger than say 15. Im sure there are issues with this as well or secret alliances or whatever but it is the way it is.

All said and done im sure not much will change, half the people will want change other half wont. But there is something to be said to why so many more people play unofficial, maybe they should look into why and I bet the reason is because of the "time" it takes or the mega tribes being too big.

Also to those saying it is not time consuming or a time investment, how can you really say that? As a solo or small tribe to get "perfect" tames it takes a very long time even if you have a full weekend off dont you think it is a little silly you MUST play that entire weekend to do so rather than spending time with loved ones or working or whatever? This is why casual gaming is taking over and Hardcore games are being less. People want to be rewarded for hard work and time but some games are over the top. Even EVE is a good example of this. Most of the accounts are second and third account of one person. Very dramastic number drop in that game and others like it.

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