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Constant screen epileptic flashing during windstorms on Ragnarok.

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The ONLY epileptics that "might" be affected by this are photo sensitive epileptics and that's actually a very small minority of people with epilepsy and people that have the condition know what they can and can't get away with.

I have full grand mal epilepsy and can happily look straight into a strobe light at a disco with no ill effects whatsoever for example. The generalisation that flashing things can set  off epileptic fits is only true in a very small percentage of cases of epilepsy. Whilst "technically" correct that it "could possibly" cause it if the person suffers with photo sensitive epilepsy, the likelihood of it happening is extremely small.

I do however agree that the lighting effects during a storm are damn annoying, on that we agree :)

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im not completly sure what effects you are describing here

for refernces i made some gifs that show how it looks for me


outside of desert:


in desert:


with glider suit :


electricalstorm aka lightningstorms:



could you tell me if you can see the problem in one of these and if not maybe make a short video showing the issue 

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