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ARK mobile and IOS MFi(made for iPhone) controllers..

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On 5/8/2018 at 7:04 PM, stonevapor said:

Does anyone know if controllers like this will work with the upcoming ARK mobile currently in beta for IOS? (image bellow) ..  Secondly, would it even make controls easier? 


Controller support is not in the beta yet, we hope to have it ready for release.

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They are not following apple guidelines, If someone actually called and complained to apple, they can remove it from the store and they would have to resubmit it unless they mark it as a bug..

As pulled from


Registering to Be Called When an Element Changes

In some games, it is better to be called at the exact moment when an element changes. For example, you might want to ensure that a button press is always detected, even if the press occurs between frames. To implement this, you register a change handler. The Game Controller framework processes and updates profiles on the main thread. Whenever it updates an element’s value in the profile, any handlers for that element are called. A handler can be registered on the profile object or a specific element in the profile. When the handler is created on the profile object, it is called whenever any element on the profile changes. If multiple values on the profile change simultaneously, the handler is called once for each element that changed. If the handler is registered on an element, the handler is called whenever that element or any of that element’s children are updated.

Listing 3-2 implements a handler on the profile object. In this example, the code checks the two triggers to determine whether either was pressed.

Listing 3-2  Registering a value handler for a profile

GCExtendedGamepad *profile = self.myController.extendedGamepad;
profile.valueChangedHandler = ^(GCExtendedGamepad *gamepad, GCControllerElement *element)
        if ((gamepad.rightTrigger == element) && gamepad.rightTrigger.isPressed)
            [self fireLasers];
        if ((gamepad.leftTrigger == element) && gamepad.leftTrigger.isPressed)
            [self launchMissile];

Alternatively, this code could have been written with separate handlers for each button. Listing 3-3 shows how to implement separate handler elements for the left and right triggers

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