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hello there i urgently need the help of server raiders to wipe server 197 on ps4 ark ragnarok (na). they wiped my server and followed us to another server just to be wiped again and now being griefed every day making the game unplayable and in fact un enjoyable. i have nothing to offer in the terms of loot but you can have all the loot of the big beefier tribes and you will have my sincerest thanks. this is personal, and i need back up. i was told they have tek turrets, walls, gates e.t.c stored in lockers in their bases ready to remove as well as many asc blueprints. there is a server alliance formed of three big tribes that are fairly active. if you cannot wipe the server then the main targer is the tribe named underground located on the bottom left of the map close to the canyons. once again, you have my thanks if you choose to do this. let me know if you need any more information. :)   

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if this is pvp, I also am willing to help. I was with a tribe that got wiped for no reason, and I know How it feels. I have nothing to offer but another body with nothing to lose. Let me know if that is good enough, and I will be happy to help.

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