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Community Crunch 129: New Servers, Upcoming Stream, & Wildcard Workshop!

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Ok so whats been fixed?  What am i  looking forward to?  Im curious

Thats cool, Pc gets new server what about xbox ps4 the ones who really need new servers what a joke

Yeah, the megalodon looks too fat and its mouth is to small and deep in its body it barely looked like it could bite a large coel. Also the quetzal. Maybe zoom in vision and more speed? Or a scan

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3 hours ago, VenomXenomorph said:

Hello everyone!

So, I'd like to start out really quick just saying how cool this is being here.  A YouTuber on ARK can now finally see proper news without clickbait.

Now, time to get into the nitty-gritty.

I believe Wildcard owes us what we deserve as customers and consumers.  That means the "special something" they promised us a looooong time ago for Beta Players, "Structures +" becoming an official conversion mod (which by the way I am super excited for), and the highest priority: ARK: Extinction.  We have been shown the end scene of Aberration again and again and again by YouTubers finishing the boss fight and ascending, but we've heard nothing else besides "we're working on it."  What exactly are you working on that is extending you a month past your deadline, maybe longer?  We as the consumers and customers deserve to know because it's just how Marketing works.  This ignorance of the consumer and customer causes unrest and even uncertainty of the product in question, reducing profits and decreasing revenues.  Eventually this Early-Access behavior will get old to us, and eventually, ARK's fame will, unfortunately, perish because of it.

Hopefully, if Wildcard is reading this, they can consider it in their calculations.

~The VenomXenomorph

A month past their deadline? They had no deadline. The closest you could get to a deadline was when Steam said Spring 2018, but it hasn't said Spring since December, so people need to accept that Spring is likely off the table. And if you are basing the deadline on that, then how are we a month past that deadline?

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21 hours ago, Jatheish said:

It's all downloads; so characters, items, and dinos won't be able to be downloaded onto the server for the first 60 days.

We talked about it beforehand, yet somehow people were still able to download their levelled characters into the new servers. I believe you can guess how frustrating that is right? 

We're about 12-15 hours into the new servers, people already have unfair advantages which is against the rules. How about you wipe all of the new servers without any announcement (since people coudn't bring stuff in and if they did they were not supposed to) and delay the release a day or 2? 

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Water world server would be awesome, but i would just prefer a waterworld map with underwater caves,lairs,Obelisk etc. Maybe a huge water map with small island here and there. And Engrams to build floating platforms on it too like from Primitive plus. In fact i think the floating structures engram shoukd be incorporated into the regular game.

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Hello Wildcard, I have a question for you if you have the time to read this. I'm a PS4 user, along with my best friend. We love Ark and play it every day we can. We tame Mosasaurus's, Giga's, Spinosaur's, Rex's and everything we can possibly render unconscious.  But recently we have been wondering if the Fear evolved event will come to the Ps4 or not. Along with all the other events that occur within the year with the Dodorex and Dodowyvern. Because I would love to see the Dodorex and the Dodowyvern, along with the other special occurrences on the Ark to be on the PS4. Due to my deep love of Dragons and Wyverns, and my friends deep bond with the mighty Rex's of Ark, I would love to see my friend ride the Mythical Dodorex while I soar high above the Ark with the Elusive Dodowyvern. But, if you are unable to perform this action, then I understand. it's hard to be a developer with the people around the world these days. But I know you can pull through. It's honestly been an honor being a part of your game for the 2 years it's been out now.:x I honestly hope people can see through their own desires and see just how much work you put into this phenomenal game. I wish you the best of Luck wildcard. And may the mighty dodo lead you to the Ascension chamber with nothing but a torch and a spyglass. Also, to all my fellow survivors, I wish you the best of luck on your games. 


Sincerely:  Two men on Ark named Jade and Jamie

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On 4/30/2018 at 6:11 PM, JakejakeT600 said:

I keep coming back to this page looking for what you are really up too behind the scenes, but have been ultimately disappointed the last few crunches. 

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm always excited to see things from the "what's next" category. My favorite Crunches include notes on game improvements. I loved the TLC posts, and anything with a Mysterious Mysteries in it. Here's hoping they start announcing that stuff in the streams.

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