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Speciality Server Suggestions!

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unlimited ammo, but only weapon available is slingshot

march of the titans - only sauropod spawns on map. diplos damages things

map with no tree spawn only rocks

map with no bush spawns only carnivores

map with no rock spawns

tamed dinos don't eat but 1 shots everything

map with no tek  just go play pve on official legacy xD

map with only the original set of dinos

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Survival Of The Fittest   Hunger games style mode, start with nothing work up to have everything possivle within a set time scale, tame anything with random 2x taming boosts at intervals, sc

I say nay to the specialty servers, just bring SOTF back!!!!!! It would be wise to relaunch SOTF now while the battle royale hype is high!!!! 

Tek Servers: make an alternative/easier way to unlock Tek engrams, as well as making element harvestable. 

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More naturale creature behavior and environments mode

Usually carnivores do not attack if they are not hungry or feel threatened.  Aggression level could raise when their stomach becomes empty and than carnivores become much more dangerous because they start hunting. Also the aggression could be kept on a lower rate if you get not to close and raises slowly when you get closer. Also for herbivores.  Trikes warn first you get closer than they attack and stop if you get out of their comfort zone.  For some creatures I would also love to see herds.  General the realistic creature environments could included a more realistic distribution of animals and their territoties. Hunting or getting in contact with some creatures should creates special and more intensive moments rather than spotting them on every corner. If you go into the wild you dont find wild animals everywhere and stroke them. 


You are doing a great job! 

I also would like periodic server 

- no fly server

- creative server mode for buildungs only (no items or raw materials, only structures) 

- medieval server mode (no dinos and tek) maybe with some more medieval items :) horsearmor etc

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I would like to see a pve/pvp server also.  Similar to the one mentioned in this thread although I would have a designated area on the map where new players spawn in and this area would be  Pve.  This area would have limited resources and Dinos, but it would allow players to build up so that they can survive in the pvp area.  The new players can leave the pve area at any time.  As a single player I have tried multiple times to join pvp servers and survive.  Every time I start to build a base and collect Dinos I get wiped by tribes with multiple players.  This would also be a none transfer server for players and dinos.

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I'm brand new here so don't expect my opinion to count too much, but I'd love to see:

  • PvP
  • Primitive Plus
  • 5 tribe members max
  • No Downloads (new chars only)
  • Some kind of progression multiplier that is appropriate for the short life of the gamemode (x5 if it's a month, x10 or more if it's a week)

Another one would be

  • PvP
  • Primitive Plus
  • 2-3 tribe members max
  • Server reset every 24 hours
  • No Downloads (new chars only)
  • Huge progression multiplier
  • Very difficult survival options (mostly extreme temperatures, maybe also scare resources or limited areas containing "food dinos" like fish, etc)

I also +1 the idea of a PvE/PvP server but atm this seems very complicated to run and don't have any great ideas.  Maybe something like:

  • PvE by default
  • A tribewars day is looming (maybe 6 days to prepare for 1 day war)
  • You MUST find a tribe to agree to a tribewar with before that day or else...
  • ...you are shunned and forced into to open PvP with everyone
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a true extinction server one by one over the servers lifespan spawn points for a species of creature will disappear some you might not notice like mesopithecus or trilobites but eventually there will be big losses like argys going extinct or rexes and on this server breeding will be difficult due to baby food consumption being slightly increased as well as egg incubation and pregnancy timers being slightly higher than vanilla too.

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Not sure about it, but why not making servers with only some kind of creatures ? 

Like one with only Dinosaurs, JP-like. 

An Ice Age server with only ice age creatures (mammoth, saber...)

Ragnarok with only medieval-fantasy creatures

Aberrant with only sci fi creatures and more tek everywhere. And also both minions (drone, sentinel) of the Island big boss. 


What do you think ? 


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So, I'm not sure how often this is brought up. But instead of the Arkpocolypse servers, or even some of the empty official or legacy servers. Could we get at least 1, 5 map official cluster to try out a 5x official server that wipes annually or even semi annually? It would be nice. It's a change of pace and if you don't like it, keep playing on a vanilla style official server. Or if it's not boosted enough stay of nitrado (no hate intended to either of them). It would be a good change of pace for a lot of people. It would most certainly be populated. And would put some dead servers to use. Maybe even (if they exist) some servers that Wildcard still owns but isn't using currently could be put towards this. I want to hear everyones thoughts and concerns on this. If you agree, or disagree I would like to hear about it. Lets maybe even get the ball rolling so well a dev see's this gives it a chance. This is all being typed because of what Ms. Jen said on the thread about the beginner servers. I'm paraphrasing but she said something along the lines of "Leave suggestions of game modes youd like to see. Thank you for your time.


           ~Sincerely, a day 5 Ark xbox fan.

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Red drops always have the best loot

Dodo kibble tames everything

Tamable Alphas

All Dinos spawn on all maps

AI tribesmen roam the map ... headhunting you and your tames (sort of AI PvP)

Part of the map is a Death zone, PvP on PvE servers in zone use colour/screen effect to show area border like abberation red / blue

Limit pillar spam on PvE ... use turret cap technology so you can not place pillars except around a HOUSE ICON'd building. Letting people build on PvE no land holding pillar spam over 1/2 the map

Cap how many of one dino a tribe can own, no 4000 dodos/lystros tame capping a server

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I was thinking a Waterworld style game (minus Kevin Costner). 

The map is basically flooded and only a few small plateaus of land remain. Most people are forced to live on rafts and there is a huge emphasis on taming water dinos and underwater exploration for resources. 

Remove high end weapons and explosives so it turns into a kind of pirate adventure where you board other tribe’s rafts in order to raid them (or smash them up with water dinos). Make rafts tougher to compensate for this but obviously it would be VERY HARD to tame a Mosa with minimal resources available. Dunks would be great for smashing but are obviously slow, so can be outrun if seen soon enough. 

Have driftwood in the seas so we still have access to wood and thatch (and maybe even fibre). Everyone will need to use fishing rods as meat will be scarce. 

Add peg leg cosmetics skins and eyepatches. 

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On 5/2/2018 at 12:22 PM, Ryuk said:



There could be a wall between two parts of the map which stops the teams from fighting early game. The players build up, tame and craft as fast as they can (very boosted rates) and then after the timer reaches 0 the wall separating both teams collapses. Then the two teams fight to the death until 1 team has completely wiped out the other team. Certain things shouldn't be allowed though, such as Plant Y as they are often spammed in pvp

  • All engrams unlocked
  • Fast paced PVP
  • Losing doesn't feel punishing
  • Little time investment needed
  • Anyone can play
  • PVP in a controlled environment
  • No super dinos running around
  • Less reason for people to cheat (as nothing they have matters)
  • Short but fun games
  • No more grind
  • Every game could play out differently

Hows that sound? :D


how about just split the severs between red and blue make it so one you join a side red/blue your locked out the other sides severs for the first part of the event like this so it fit the how they want to do it

  • 1st half pve build up on a side getting lvls dinos and gear while auto joining the red/blue alliance (make it easier to do that by having something that lock you into a side account wide)so you can still be in your own tribe so people cant steal you poop
  • 2nd half open up all the severs so that the red can go to the blue and vice versa and turn on the pvp aslo put element into all drops so using tek gear is possible so i turns into a massive war across all the severs so everbody can just go ham
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After 2 years of playing official PVP on Xbox - I recently played offline raid protection but only crossplay has that option.  There needs to be more,  I love it.  I can log off and know my base will be there when i log on. Players actually PVP - none of this wait till a tribe is off-line to raid them bull crap that happens most of the time on pvp official.  

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Since Tek is a big part of the game already,but most players can't achieve it on officials due to the fact alphas control servers and limit the experience of the game on the servers they play at,why not add a special servers that are Tek focused?For example:You start naked,on a ARK filled with technological advancement,1000 years into the future,afraid you start to explore!
Let's say that TEK here comes from specific points on the map?Volcano on island,Floating Island on The Center and etc.Element the thing that fuels Tek is no longer made obtained by defeating bosses,but is harvestable,let's say a different tier of items that can harvest it unlocked at a certain lvl like 50+?Element drill,you put it on spots like the oil pump and it collects element shards over time,100 shards = 1 element,make it so obelisks can convert 100 shards to 1 element so you can craft the TEK tier stuff,and make Tek stuff craftable only in obelisks,that way people will be fighting for the obelisks on the server,but make it so that on the obelisks themselves and the areas around them you can't place turrets or structures so people cant just block them off,that ruins the game experience!

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- Kibble servers where you can harvest kibble from the dinos (and transfer them to official. :) only upload no download.)

- max one structure no pillars allowed other then main building so no fences or gates just a building connected.

- maybe a server  with some mods that are available implemented in it.

- x2 -x3 breeding to see what impact it would have in short period? maybe open upload only (a big maybe)

- servers with huge dino cap with tame/breeding limit on certain non essential dinos wc to decide.

- a server that wil go on but transfers disabled for good. maybe x2 on all.


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On 4/30/2018 at 5:14 PM, Jen said:

Speciality servers are alternate game modes for ARK that last for a short period of time. Each new theme will bring on a new set of challenges different from that of servers currently available. However, these seasonal servers will wipe and change theme after a determined period of time.

We're looking for input from you Survivors today. We've set up a thread and we'd appreciate if you could drop your suggestions into the separate thread below.

Changes will revolve around edits that can be made to the existing config which means modifying ini and server settings. These types of changes can include many things like: tribe/alliance size, anything related to dino stats and taming, server rates, etc. This does not include things like mods.

Some examples can include:

  • Solo, no tribes
  • Mammals only
  • No carnivores
  • Small Dinos only
  • Limited Tribe Members/No alliances

I don't know if this is out of the scope of what you speak of but I'd like to see nameless spawn on all non ab servers but with a twist:

They aggro on your buildings.

Can damage metal (1 point of damage a swing)

And they spawn from structure #. (Larger base creates more 'heat')

Every X days you get super spawns.


This PvE aspect on PvP servers would cause people to draw together and see every player as an asset and less a liability to curb KOS activity.

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If there is way to, I think making flyers a PVE role only, just make it so they cannot harm players or tames, would make PVP more interesting, it would force players to stick with ground attacks, and leave the Flyers home, the idea can be played with a bit, since they couldn't do damage to others they can't be damaged by any other players, It's just an idea to play with

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I have commented on other occasions, as part of the community that plays ARK and the experiences I have had playing on official servers, I think a very good and interesting project would be to create a new cluster of servers, at least 3 maps of each , with the same configurations of official servers, maximum 5 members per tribe, 1 maximum alliance, as less players plus engrams points. I think that the largest number of users would play in this way because they do not have a large tribe, so they prefer to go to play unofficial servers, with the disadvantage that in unofficial there are very few servers in a cluster, minimum amount of players, saturated with mods, or the annoying admin abuse etc .....

Protection for disconnected during the first 15 days of the tribe, keeping in mind that if you change the tribe name do not affect this time, and why not? a x2 with events x3 of harvest would not fall badly.

Appear a boss in a specific place on the map indicating by server message, so the server becomes pve for a moment for the server to join the boss, after defeating the boss wait a while and resume the pvp .

It would be a shame if the servers were restarted, it should be something like the officials to not lose the advance you have, imagine losing your mutated dinos: s and your complete base and start again at level 1, it would be disappointing.

It would be interesting for wildcard to do an experiment like this, since they decided to create the beginner servers which look good but are not enough to live the complete ARK experience.


Lo he comentado en otras ocasiones, como parte de la comunidad que juega ARK y las experiencias que he tenido jugando en servidores oficiales, creo que un proyecto muy bueno e interesante seria crear un nuevo cluster de servers, por lo menos 3 mapas de cada uno, con los mismas configuraciones de los servidores oficiales, máximo 5 miembros por tribu, 1 alianza como máximo, como son menos jugadores mas puntos de engramas. Creo que la mayor cantidad de usuarios jugarían de este modo ya que por no contar con una tribu numerosa, por lo que prefieren irse a jugar a servidores no oficiales, con la desventaja que en no oficiales hay muy pocos server en cluster, cantidad mínima de players, saturados de mods, o el fastidioso admin abuse etc.....

Protección para desconectados durante los primeros 15 dias de la tribu, teniendo en cuenta que si cambia el nombre de tribu no afecte este tiempo, y porque no? un x2 con eventos x3 de cosecha no caeria mal.

Aparecer un boss en un lugar especifico del mapa indicando por mensaje de server, por lo que el server se vuelve pve por un momento para que el server se una a vencer al boss, después de vencer al boss esperar un tiempo y se retoma el pvp.

Seria una lastima si se reiniciaran los servers, debería ser algo como los oficiales para no perder el avance que se tenga, imagina perder tus dinos mutados :S y tu base completa y empezar de nuevo en nivel 1, seria decepcionante. 

Seria interesante que wildcard hiciera un experimento como este, ya que decidieron crear los servers de principiantes los cuales se ven bien pero no son lo suficiente para vivir la experiencia ARK completa.

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More ideas.
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