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Speciality Server Suggestions!

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Horde Mode server(PVP):
either all aggressive dinos always no taming
or taming with a weekly aggressive dino

maybe something that can damage structures. how well can you defend against 20 alpha raptors? lol

maybe vastly increased alpha spawns and have them aggro on ANY structures. 

It would be cool because you'd kindof HAVE to turtle hard and tribe/ally up to defend. Might lead to actual towns with community borders to stop the alpha poclaypse lol

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Survival Of The Fittest   Hunger games style mode, start with nothing work up to have everything possivle within a set time scale, tame anything with random 2x taming boosts at intervals, sc

I say nay to the specialty servers, just bring SOTF back!!!!!! It would be wise to relaunch SOTF now while the battle royale hype is high!!!! 

Tek Servers: make an alternative/easier way to unlock Tek engrams, as well as making element harvestable. 

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2 hours ago, koheezy said:

Nightmare Server:

24/7 nights

24/7 fog

gamma disabled

The servers designed to scare the crap out of the player. Everyone will carry torches to see but that makes them easy to spot by other players. It’s easier to hide in the dark and fog but it’s also easy to get ambushed by wild dinos and other players. Either way it’s an unnerving playing experience.

increased spawn of troodons and megalos lol (night buff dinos)

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2 hours ago, koheezy said:

Nightmare Server:

24/7 nights

24/7 fog

gamma disabled

The servers designed to scare the crap out of the player. Everyone will carry torches to see but that makes them easy to spot by other players. It’s easier to hide in the dark and fog but it’s also easy to get ambushed by wild dinos and other players. Either way it’s an unnerving playing experience.

Finally a reason to use Night Vision Goggles.

30 Days of Night!

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This is more of a advanced idea:
Gamemode servers:
Servers that players can bring their tames to and compete vs other players in a battlefront style mini game, (runescapes castlewars or the original starwars battlefront can be used as comparison examples) any tames we bring to these will not be lost, players can earn credit from these games if they win or do well and trade items in at the obelisks to send back to their other servers. These gamemode servers can be used as a way to bring new life back into pve, while also giving pvp a chance to have friendly anonymous combat for their servers too.

Things the servers could have would be things like, hide and seek (find a rare spawn on the island and be first to knock it out with tools provided and keep it, no fliers allowed), Hidden Treasure (find a hidden object on the map), Free-for-All (randomized combat that allows tames of certain levels for other players to fight other players) or team battlefront (players that fight with their tames vs another team with their tames, tame levels restricted of coarse to keep things balanced)

If players don't have their own tame they can get a rental, aka a randomly generated one to use, these can also be alternatives for the battle modes of players using only whats provided.

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pvp server at which you can only raid during the weekends. 

kinda like in pixark. 

only then it's always the same as on pvp, only you can't damage the dinosaurs or buildings of other tribes during the weekdays.

Swamp fever and mage rabies are still a thing and can still be transmitted to make it harder to survive if you are in trouble. 

in effect, if you have damaged a wall, foundation, ceiling, etc.

and it hasn't been fixed before the end of the week,  it's still able to be broken if it is not connected to atleased connected to three other items. 

so that the mass placing of pillars will be a whole lot harder and a lot more work. 

also, it will make it easier to build up again after the weekend ends and you get a decent chance to strike back in a  full-out attack when the workdays have passed. 

I'd like to call these servers comeback-time-servers, 

Though I wouldn't mind a different name. 

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ark le gusta a mucha gente, es mi juego favorito pero desde que lo compre nunca puedo tener nada por más que juegue un mes. el gran problema de ark son las grandes tribus alfa que no deja jugar a las tribus mas chicas, esta total mente desequilibrado. esto significa que un jugador individual no puede jugar, perdiendo así toda la gracia del juego. no se, en qué cabeza jugador solo se puede insertar en un juego en el servidor oficial cuando las tribus alfa son 250 personas esto es un chiste. están confundidos el rumbo que están tomando el juego lo dominan las tribus alfa que serán 2000 personas. jamas un juego que los dominan una determinada grupo de personas va ser divertido.      

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50 vs 50 Dodo Wars

Two tribes, no alliances. Wild Dodo spawns are disabled. The two tribes are The Red Team, and The Blue Team. Each team is given one dodo, that they must defend from the opposing team.

The Dodos will project a beam above their heads, akin to the same beam used by corpse locator albeit their respective team colors. The server wil have enhanced rates, 5x XP, 5x Harvest, and 5x Tame, to assist with rapid base construction, and army acquisition.

The server is placed into PvE mode for the first 72 hours, to allow the teams to tame an army and construct a fortress around their dodos. After the PvE period, the server is set to PvP mode and the war begins. First team to kill the opposing team's Dodo wins!


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Since servers are gonna be wiped.. nothing will stay or be carried over .. so here are my thoughts: (pve in mind :P )


1- Server dinos lvls should be higher than 150 max wild... 250-350... ALL dinos breeding disabled (OR.. set a period of only 5 - 10 days during the whole server life time as a breeding season .. players can still store fert eggs and hatch whenever)... however since breeding will be disabled taming effectiveness should get buffed as well as stats...

2- small tribes .. 3-5 max players in each tribe.. rates slightly boosted during a certain period of the day/night.. or give a buff on harvesting if players are in a certain range to each other just like mate boost with dinos.. but for players it will be harvesting boost. .. Dinos can get a boost too once they are near their owners.

3- Dinos spawn with colors just like the events. Add a life span to dinos.. so they die after certain days of their lives... make them get sick.. make them get broken bones.. and it should take around an hour or so for them to be ride able again. (being kinda realistic not cruel :( )

4- Make dinos extinct.. so after certain amount of dinos tamed of a specific species that dino spawns less than before till it stops spawning.

5- Tribes should only have 100-150 dinos limit.

6- Introduce a salesman (like xur in destiny :P ) create a currency that we can farm to give him .. this currency is different for each item he sells (can have different sale people on different spots on the map and currency can be like items given to bosses like sails, blubbers etc) items sold can vary from blueprints to ready made stuff to dinos or eggs . Players must be able to view items and items stats before depositing payment. Eggs and dinos' stats will vary and be random

7- Introduce mini bosses .. with waves of dinos spawns or hordes .. killing mini bosses gives trophies to display/skins/ and that specific boss skins or actual armor.



As of PVP...

1- I would love to play SOTF... :) bring it to console.. I love watching people play it.

2- smaller maps with 8 v 8 fight mode. Let us create permanent characters .. the more we play the more we lvl and unlock engrams. Drops give items that stay permanently with us.. we build a character for that mode... give us a shoulder mount only..Make dinos spawn claimable. No taming in this game mode. Create end game rewards that are random and stay permenant with us. Characters can only level agility, armor, and damage. Give us a social space that have our account inventory to store stuff.. maybe NPCs that give us bounties we can work on while we pvp and each bounty gives rewards. Rewards are all ready made no BPs, no saddles... only gear sets, consumables, and weapons. it's a team death match .. players spawn after getting killed, ammo found on ground or in loot crates, as well as bolas, tranq, spears, traps.. players water, and food dont drain


Sorry for the long reply :) I always had so many ideas for Ark since it is my fav game since legacy released xD



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I personally would like to have a config to separate Wild Dino Hunger Drain from Tame Dino Hunger drain (you said you would add it back in august, but I have yet to see it!). A setting for my private server I have wanted for a long time, long long time. I also want some fixes to some things that have broken, and havent been fixed in months/years.

I want 0.0 to make something absolute zero (instead of switching to default). Stamina drain 0.0 "used to" cause stamina on dinos to never drain, even in swift flight, but this setting has been broken since RaidDino configs were added.

I also want a config to remove flier cap, or allow for speed on fliers to be leveled even if having a higher cap for private servers... I want my 300% speed Quetz back dammit!


Sry... got a little angry there... I just LOVE this damn game, and hate it at the same time.


See... the kind of game I want to play with Ark, I cant have as it is right now. I want to tame dinos, and NEVER lose any of them, never die. But I like to harvest and build and level up and craft, and earn mats for crafting (an experience that godmode and creative mode CANT give me). Am I asking for an option for survival to be eliminated? Hell yes. I am a collector and breeder and builder and harvester, but I hate losing stuff, and I hate loss of control of my character, and I hate having to use my time to feed myself, and my dinos, more than I spend building, harvesting and breeding.

I want the option to remove all wild special effects that cause loss of control of player/tame character (stuns, grip attacks, etc), and for all damage to not hurt when damage is set to 0.0 (seems that there are things that can still hurt and still kill and still disable with damage set to 0.0, so I've had to sacrifice the spawning of numerous species just so I dont have to deal with all the difficult deadly poop in my private server.


Also, for official servers, I wish there was a "safe" zone... no hostiles, no building... The portal room in Aberration came "close" but all the hostiles in there made it not safe. I am sure that this game would have a lot more players willing to last past the first few days, if they could at least survive the first hour. I've known many friends and acquaintances who told me they quit because they died. Even just once, or twice, they quit, and they never looked back.

You would have those people as players if you just had a safe zone, so these players could, at minimum, figure out how to control their character without dying. I wonder how many people out there never made it past that first hour, because they died once too many times. Conan is helluva lot easier for noobies.


ALL of these ideas I have posted before... and due to not hearing word from devs on most of these concerns of mine, I feel they fell on deaf ears.

I hope a dev hears at least one of these ideas, and goes with it.

Flier nerf for both PvE and unofficial... what the heck were you drinking when you came up with that? I'm still angry about that, and STILL waiting for a config to remedy that change (not a mod, tried Classic Fliers, broke my private server, dinos got corrupted... no thanks).

I love this game, and it has the potential to be so much better.... if only we were heard MORE.




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Release Day Version

  • Difficulty 1.0
  • Only release dinos, structures, and engrams available.
  • Character level restricted to release day limit (60 I think?)

Extremely Difficult Setting

  • Very high level dinosaurs roaming ( up to level 300 like in caves)
  • Random weather effects and events like on survival of the fittest occur, including player location.
  • Alphas spawn slightly more often!
  • Largest predators spawn more often and in greater frequency
  • Giga/Titan/Squid/Mosa/Golem untameable
  • Reaper and Wyvern isn't able to be raised

High XP/Taming/Breeding/Harvesting Limits Event

  • Buffed drops, and they occur more frequently!
  • Dino's lay eggs more frequently
  • Torpor damage greatly boosted to speed up knock out process of dinos
  • Breeding greatly sped up 

You Will Die Edition (Dark Souls - like difficulty type)

  • Hardcore mode on
  • Wild dinos have increased resistances and damage (tamed dinos do not)
  • Your stats increase far less than live.  So health, melee, speed, water, food are all reduced in gain per level.
  • Harvesting is reduced
  • Increased weather volatility
  • No flyers tameable
  • Therizino/Spino/Rex/Titan/Giga/Mosa/Squid/Golem not tameable
  • Reaper and Wyvern unable to be raised
  • Drop beacons disabled, as well as underwater crates and desert crates!
  • Explorer Notes disabled
  • Breeding disabled
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Game mode: All players/tames have "leavemealone" active at all times.

Could be great for people who havent played and want to try out Ark with low risk of dying/loss... and for me, who wants to play without losing my items or my tames, I would so totally play that! PvE mode only maybe? But if PvP, would make only players your only concern, since they can see you, while everything else cannot. Could bring a different kinda gameplay to Ark!

That kind of server, "leavemealone" would be a dream come true for me, and remedy all the issues that I have on my private server too (as expressed in my previous post). You still have to KO tames, still have to harvest for mats, but no worry of feeding yourself or your tames, and no worry of a wild raptor or wild giga (or any wild) coming to wreck your face! A dream come true for some of us.

I wonder how many others out there would love a "leavemealone" game mode too.

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