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Speciality Server Suggestions!

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Survival Of The Fittest   Hunger games style mode, start with nothing work up to have everything possivle within a set time scale, tame anything with random 2x taming boosts at intervals, sc

I say nay to the specialty servers, just bring SOTF back!!!!!! It would be wise to relaunch SOTF now while the battle royale hype is high!!!! 

Tek Servers: make an alternative/easier way to unlock Tek engrams, as well as making element harvestable. 

Posted Images


-1 man tribes

-no allies

-stats slightly increased for players

-tame limit super limited? 

-10x rates? 

-no map transfer

Old School

-no tek

-old flyers

-rocket bps/buffed etc

-no Explorer notes

-only island 


maybe a boosted no tame w smaller tribes 2-4 loved those servers but being solo getting spanked by 10 guys or what not was trash and boosted rates 

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Some time ago in a different thread, someone suggested having a map with only modern day animals (or their Ark equivalents). 

Equus, Ovis, Icthyornis (sea gulls), Icthyosaurus (dolphin), squid, jellyfish, wolves, bears, etc.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the thread they started :-(

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All herbivore only taming
All Carnivore only taming
Only medium or smaller size animal taming

And now some "fun" ones that may or may not be possible:
A "king of the hill" type thing where you have a single apex animal that can be tamed on the server but it can be taken over (by being KO) or killed by competing tribes which spawns a new apex to find and tame. 
Structure tier limits (randomly change between them each wipe) for example only thatch structures, next time might only be stone, etc.
Flag running via a golden dodo. If the team holding the dodo gets it to enemy base it blows up destroying any nearby structures (nuke via dodo)

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More of a conversion but I've got a good 20 people who'd love something like this:

A game mode where most dinos are zombified, it's a struggle to find non zombified dinos and the non zombified ones are preyed on by the zombified. Also if you die to a zombie dino your fresh body becomes a human zombie with 1.5x your attributes at death for a short time and starts trying to kill other human players seeking them out from long distances. Most zombie dinos wander in slow moving herds. Others surprise you springing up from death state. Most zombified dinos are slower but some literally death Sprint at you losing health as they run and tear their decaying bodies apart. You also have to have an ample supply of antidotes (could make a lower cost low effective through to high cost highly effective ones) to stave off the virus. The map is eternally shrouded in fog with small amounts of clear weather. That's the basic concept of it.

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I have a few ideas that I've always thought a little unfit for the main game but perfect for something like this.

1. Alpha Taming

-Alphas are tamable via standard knock out plus the feeding of a rare food(element, resources, etc)

- for every alpha type you have all off your creatures of that species get a stat buff

-I would also like to see variants added for every species but I don't know if that's reasonable to ask for

2. Dodo buffs

-all dodos spawn at level own and are instant tames(one berry)

-over time xp gain is disabled so they only level from kills near them

-the highest level dodo you have in your vicinity gives a "pack buff" equal to its level to all of your dinos during raid and combat

3. Pirates

-a complete water world with a few small islands with resources that can't be built on.

-rafts are free but each player can only have one and the price of cannons and scuba are reduced.

- leedsichthys are removed for obvious reasons

I would really like to see benefits to these in the main clusters of ark. Everyone's complaints with this type of game mode is that there isn't any point since there just getting wiped anyway. I feel that if a buff were add to your main player if you "beat" this mini expansions that the would become a lot more appealing. I know you can't do anything that would be game changing but just simple things 10% more oxygen if you beat the pirate one since oxygen isn't really a game changing stat.

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Assuming these are very short term "Official" luck of the draw across the board servers: Bounty Hunting community enrolment events (for SP/MP in each category). For example, highest Health tamed Rex within a one week period or another example the lowest Raptor stamina. It could be multiple bounties to collect, the point is everyone has the same chances divided by SP/MP to find them and publicly win something (a forum trophy for example or Steam cash if you really want to get the juices flowing).  ;)

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10 Premade tribes - Every player that joins the server is randomly put into one of the 10 tribes and cannot leave it/unclaim any dinos.


Default tribe- Every payer is put into a default tribe together and can only leave the tribe by joining a new tribe. New tribes can only be created when at least 5 people agree to form a tribe and no one can leave a tribe.


-I really like the no taming carnivores idea-


Costly engrams - All engrams cost more, reinforcing the need for tribes and specialization.


No mythical creatures - things such as griffins, wyverns, reapers, etc do not exist.


Passive wyvern milking - players must sneek up on wild wyverns and milk them.


No kibble - all dinos tame faster but kibble does not exist.


Buildings can be built with out any foundation support.


Only tame traditional animals. Players can tame, Sheep, Horses, Hyenas, dodos, *maybe wolves but not ride them*  ... anything else that fit the theme


No oxygen stats, no limits on building/using under water - ie. campfires.


Supply drops matter- Much stronger dinos - Supply drops have seriously improved gear drop rates/qualities.


No supply drops.


Crafting skill improves quality of All crafted items not just blueprints.  A crafting skill above 500% gives the option to attempt to upgrade already created equipment.




I''m aware that some of these ideas are not just ini changes but might be worth looking into anyway.

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A few more ideas...

Dino-Crushers - Players deal 1/10th damage. Structures take no from players. Dinos deal double damage to players, and quadruple damage to structures. Stone and Metal structures (Barring crafting stations) are disabled. Dinos have 1/10th normal torpor.

There is no sun - Gamma disabled. Day is set to pass in 1 second. Always night.

Know my hunger - Food drain for dinos and players is increased 20x.

Boss's Night Out - Bosses spawn near their respective obelisks at night, and last until defeated, granting their normal rewards. Rotates with 1 always being gamma, 1 always being beta, and 1 always being alpha difficulty. Super-high aggro radius, do not heal.

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why do i get the feeling that the "short period of time" will be actually shorter than a month, which arkpocalypse is right now? still, assuming it's a month, the same arkpocalypse problems arise, like...

what's the point? will there be a reward for the ones who strive? a filthy skin perhaps or straight up cash. because these will be basically test servers and you will need the feedback so give people a reason to play in an environment that has no future. how to separate winners from regulars? boss fights. literally the current bosses can be won within a week on official settings. take it from a hardcore point. or just use the collectibles needed for boss fight as basis. if they can't win the boss, they should at least be able to gather the necessary items and drops.

hardcore players who out-level and out-farm "casuals". cutting tribe size between 1-5  with no alliances should fix most of it. hard-cap levels and settings (like prim+ with no ingots) or just plain disable saddles (dino farming spreads the cap, but whistles still work so dinos aren't totally useless). on officials, everyone who's above average goes explorer note farming and will get to lvl 65-70 within a few hours. rest of the tweebs cry "impossible" and die. this will also arise in your speciality servers. as a personal request, i would love you guys to rewrite your lvling code. i would love to try diminishing returns on lvling. too tired of 170+ speed builds and wild vs tamed dino discrepancies. 

maps. island - easy lvling and bosses. scorched - boss and loot (disable bed transfers or people will place huts on each crate location and farm them). abomination - metal and element. rag and center - dinos and general farming. for the love of god, disable dino transfers, possibly item transfers. your stats, engrams and skill should be enough to rebuild.


we all prefer the early stages of ark so keep it primitive. less to lose with the reset. meaning turn down tier (beacons, crates, fishing - everywhere you get bps from) but increase rates to 3-10x. though if you dont fix your bugs and gameplay, unofficial will remain a more appetizing prosper.

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This is going to be a long idea and i will go into a lot of detail but i will start with the basics and go into detail later in :D


  • 5x Gather rate ( i feel this is a fair amount not too much but not too little )
  • 4x Player and dinosaur XP ( players can level fast but it will take a while to achieve top tier level still )
  • 5x Taming speed ( this is a overall good speed because taming takes time which some people might not have )
  • 4x all aspects of breeding ( again not too fast and not too slow, Wyverns will take just under a day )
  • 2x harvest health ( to take a bit of effort out of farming so its more relaxed )

 Dino & Player Stats

  • 1x Health on dinos and players ( official health )
  • 1x Melee on dinos and players  ( official melee )
  • 1x Movement speed on dinos and players ( official movement speed )
  • 2x Weight on dinos and players ( 2x boosted weight to make farming slightly easier )
  • 1x Fortitude on players ( official fortitude )
  • 1x Oxygen on dinos and players ( official oygen )
  • 1x Food and water on dinos and players ( official food )


The environment is an important part of the game, this includes the wild dinos. i think that the dino level cap and which dinos are in the game can change the play-style complete and change strategy of raiding.  since brontos and stegos are basically now removed from the meta of the game i think that both of these dinos should be disabled so people can continue using their own alternative methods of raiding and tanking. i also think there should be multiple flyers disabled. i think that wyverns and pteranodons should be disabled. this is because many people are used to having these dinos at their disposal and i think that if they were removed from the server we could see a massive change in play-style and how people will PvP. this means that it will be more about land dinos and ground PvP. i also thinbk that gigas should be disabled as they arent very necessary and it would be more balanced if people would use res and spinos instead.

okay now i have finished explaining which dinos should be disabled and why ill get onto the other stuff

  • max dinos per tribe ( 100 so tribes cant have an overpowered amount of dinos and it is more fair on smaller tribes)
  • max wild dino level ( 150 )


supply drops are a thing in official ark that i have never really liked beause they are not very good compared to desert loot crates. for example 99% of blue drops give me a water jar blueprint... so i think that the loot pool in the drops should be custom which will give people a reason th hunt for drops and increase the PvP on the server. this will also mean raids will contain better loot. 

  • White drops ( White drops should contain basic cloth armour, maybe some stone tools, some spark powder or wood or maybe even a few bolas )
  • Green drops ( Green drops are good how they are now on official, the only thing i would change is maybe add the odd metal pickaxe or xbow )
  • Blue drops ( Blue drops should contain pieces of ramshackle chitin armour, metal tools, primitive longnecks and maybe some saddles for basic dinos )
  • Purple drops ( Purple drops should contain  basic pieces of flak, flyer saddles, slightly better weapons and some land dino saddles )
  • Yellow drops ( Yellow drops should contain better pieces of flak armour, blueprints for weapons, metal structures and decent saddles )
  • Red drops ( Red drops should contain journeyman tools and armour, higher tier weapons and higher tier saddles )
  • Desert & Cave drops ( these are fine how they are and contain good loot )


well i have covered pretty much everything apart from a few odd things such as tribe limit and events i would like to see on one of these servers. 

i think that the tribe limit should be set to 10 with no allied tribes. 10 is a good amount of people to learn everything that is needed and get stuff done at a fast pace in the current meta of the game. i also think that Tek should be disabled because this means that longer established tribes have a big advantage that i don't think is fair.


okay so there is a few modifiers that i would like to see in my game mode. one of these is a big supply drop that appears maybe once every 12 hours and contains loot like good bps, armour, kibbles, structures, maybe 1-2 turrets and other loot that will be worth fighting for. i would also like to see abberation dinos spawn on the centre, island and ragnaroik maps so all players have a fair advantage of the dinos from other maps. 

thanks for reading

i also think some other cool ideas could be 3 big tribes everyone joins one of them and theres a big war, personal owned dinos, and/or a huge water map with 8-12 islands which contain resources such as wood stone metal food obsidian. each one is a different biome. each player can craft a raft for 1 stone and have 1 each. 109 man tribe limit and everyone is a pirate.

thanks again for ready this took a while lol


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3 Tribes only (forced into one of those 3 with no ability to defect, unclaim stuff, no alliances. etc)

(one team cannot exceed 1/3 of total number of people able to play on the server at any one time)

No drops, or if there is, set it to random locations with random loot of all possible items in game.

each tribe has to defend their obelisk artifact (found inside the console)

Objective is to place all obelisk artifacts in your teams obelisk console to win (winner is declared on a leader board with number of kills to individual players ect... game is then reset)

 Leaders of each tribe if that's a good idea will be determined by the player of that team with the most amount of enemy kills or something like that. (if no leaders, some kind of preset so that the tribe is not self sabotaged if that's possible.



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Nightmare Server:

24/7 nights

24/7 fog

gamma disabled

The servers designed to scare the crap out of the player. Everyone will carry torches to see but that makes them easy to spot by other players. It’s easier to hide in the dark and fog but it’s also easy to get ambushed by wild dinos and other players. Either way it’s an unnerving playing experience.

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4x rates

Island only isolated map

140 player slots

Tribe limit of 6 and no alliances

No bolas and clubs or massively nerfed (2-3 second stun for bolas)

Nerfed movement speed by 50-60%

Weapon damage 1.75x or 2x


I think a lot of people will enjoy a server that is balanced around PvP.

Would be best if these are all on the same server but different servers with some of these changes might be cool (no bolas or weapon damage 2x)


A few other good ideas are:

No flyers

Solo only 

No bolas

Duo servers (tribe limit of 2)

Smaller playable map (cut off some parts of the island so it's half the size)

Max wild dino lvl 30 or 60, max player lvl 80


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Insects only. Maybe couple this with a TLC of old ones as well as some new ones. Maybe some breeding mechanics.

New wasp flier would be golden ?

Grasshopper for ground travel.

Araneo with wall climbing and zipline climbing abilities

Scorpions have small creature/human grab

Giant bees have AOE against enemies

Mantis flying ability

Tameable ants that can auto repair buildings

Moths something... maybe produce silk so we don’t need scorch map for scorch engrams

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