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Araneo TLC

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Was thinking about this creature and some basic things that could be done to make it a more appealing tame as of right now nobody really bothers with it.

Wall climbing

Other creatures already have the ability to scale walls and I think the Araneo should be able to too.

Silk Production

Some passive silk production similar to how the snail produces CP would be a nice way to get silk when not in a desert biome/map (because desert gear looks cool and you need silk to repair it ;P)

Web Trap

The ability to drop a web on the ground that would function like the bear trap item could be a neat ability to add some flavour to this tame! 

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-Big jumps like wolf spiders

-walls, cliffs, trees and ceilings climbing. Like the basic thing with spiders

-Web-grappling that works like the crossbow with grappling. Once you shoot it, you can connect it to the ground, building a web-zipline. It can stop/slow flyers and other creatures. The grappling can form a cocoon around small prey to stop them from moving. 

-ability to bury like many tarantulas, waiting for a prey to attack ? 

-afraid of fire ? or increased damages by fire


And it definitely needs to look more like a true spider. No more "Schwarzi' Predator"-like mouth and maybe some hair like tarantula. different eyes too. The actual model could stay in aberration like a mutant alien spider. But on the Island they need a better look... 

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