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Adobe on Prim Plus Center not working

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Is it just me or is the Adobe building material on Primitive Plus, broken?. I have a server on Center Map and the Adobe building material isn't able to be made despite having the engrams. The material cost includes clay but in primitive plus, buckets of clay aren't being recognised as suitable material. There is no clay (like the Scorched Earth kind) available that I can find on the map.

If I spawn in ordinary clay I can make the adobe materials but then most of them can't be placed. For example, I can place a behemoth gateway but I can't place an adobe foundation anywhere.

Any ideas?

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Prim+, as far as I know, does not currently have any SE or AB engramms. I think it was possible to learn them at some point, which is how you may have gotten them. But yes, without access to a Scorched Earth Map in your cluster, there's no Adobe. Only Thatch, Wood, Lumber, Stone and Brick. Some Steel. Honestly, it is a bit of a weird mixup, lots of strange things - e.g. what you can damage with a Battle Axe and what not.

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