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pve Ryuu Ark: Clustered Ragnarok & Extinction | Wiped March 16th

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Ryuu Ark is a small PVE US-based server currently playing on the Ragnarok map with a clustered Extinction server. Our players are from Aus, US and EU and all play with low ping.

Mod list

Super Spyglass

Minor stacks

eco's Garden Decor 

eco's Stable Structures and Decor

Rare Sightings


Server rates/settings
Player XP: x2
Harvest: x1.5
Taming: x5
Crop growth: x1.5
Egg laying: x2.5
Egg hatch: x5
Baby mature: x5
PVE friendly fire: off
Difficulty: 5.0 (Level 150 wild dinos)

Server IPs

You can find our server pw on our discord server https://discord.gg/BpZ8wT

Complete server wipe on March 16th for a fresh start

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