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24/7 PvP, ORP, 4xTame, 2xGather

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After playing on my server with the missus for 6months I’ve decided to open it to the public, it’s rule set is a bit of a niche but if it proves popular I’ll consider upgrading the population capacity. Suitable for small groups of friends who want to play on a friendly pvp server which is trying to make pvp more than blowing up somebody’s base while they sleep or seeing who can pick their opponent off their mount with a flier and dropping them.


Server Name: K+K 24/7 Tamingx4, Harvestingx2, Offline protection

No Password

Map:The Center

Unofficial PC session

Hosted by Nitrado in Germany




Wild Dino settings: Max level 99 (Bit less than official to narrow down the level range so dinos spawning in the higher end of the range is more likely) 

Flying mount is limited to Pelagornis (Hopefully this will make pvp more than just picking somebody up and dropping them to their death and gives dinos normally outclassed by argents for travel and gathering a chance to shine) 

Limited explosives (Breaking through somebody’s defences isn’t as easy as just running up and chucking some c4, you will have to make use of the siege weapons like catapults, cannons and rocket turrets) 

Max tribe size is 5 for now as server pop is only 10, subject to change.

Offline raid protection is on with a 30min timer to kick in after last tribe member logs off so if you are being raided hiding offline won’t help, but you can sleep and go to work fairly worry free.

Auto Decay for bases should be about two weeks for thatch and longer the more advanced the construction material.

Various other minor QoL tweaks to breeding times, drop quality etc so that the game remains time consuming but not life consuming.


I don’t have much in the way of rules outside common sense, don’t exploit or cheat, trash talking is fine but be civil and don’t build ridiculously HUGE bases that are going to lag the server too much.


Think that is everything, hope to see some players.



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