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Community Crunch 127: New Code of Conduct & Incident Reports!


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6 minutes ago, Novarae said:

Correct, it is one part but with 5 million units or so sold to date on that platform and the daily activity on its forums for Ark being arguably as or more active than the official forums, here, (I've not monitored reddit's activity to state otherwise).  I understand the statements of foucs on reddit and the official forums but its somewhat counterintuitive knowing how steam makes for quicker facilitation of dissemination of information by just under half the player base of the game.

Also, I know members of the team have expressed as well open disdain for the steam forums too in the past but again its just a shame that resources cannot be put forward on the platform more to have both proactive and reactive responses to issues and interactions.  While you cite the dev team being small(70's if I remember right), that doesn't require precluding more volunteer mods answering to Eli, you, etc or even some non dev team related payment resource that could be allotted for more liasons for steam either. GP Deb David  are the only volunteer mods typically witnessed sporadically on steam ark forums and I think you can agree you could well enact more and quite easily. 

So again its just disappointing I genuinely think more could be done and not require full time devs at WA/FL/UK paygrades to do it.  There are not too many things I am overly critical of the team for but the reticence to facilitate more on the steam platform in these regards is one of them.  

Reddit/the forums are game wide instead of console/pc wide. Steam forums are only useful for PC gamers, not xbox/playstation

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1 minute ago, Oli4 said:

Reddit/the forums are game wide instead of console/pc wide. Steam forums are only useful for PC gamers, not xbox/playstation

Correct. That's not in contention, the volume of participants on that platform using such versus that of the other mediums, I'm saying there seems to be a counter intuitive notion of limiting how they're handled/approached in comparison to the other for simply being a perceived catch all on red and here.  Ironically though steam gets xbox and ps4 folks coming on there too asking questions at times though and Ive often told them to visit here in steam.  But I'm again saying that statistically the evidence is compelling that the steam forums have a high volume of interactions of players on it with Ark, perhaps statistically more so than I would argue the volume of the 3 platforms combined here but at the very least the pc ones here.  Saying then that the devs cannot maintain some form of consistent implementation of bettering the situation with the forums on Steam even with more volunteer mods is a shame.  I know addressing this is an exercise in futility but I just wanted to have some form of it being mentioned given the context of what the crunch was speaking to.


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So the questions keep coming. Players want to know.

Have you started getting s + ready for consoles or has it not been worked on yet? Either way we just want some idea of where it is at. Should we hold are breath or is it being pushed till next year and we should just move on we just want some insight as to where it is at. 

Also dino cap hot issue as always the game feels like pokemon gotta catch them all. Spawn rates to high? Maybe not enough focus on primitive survival. Map design promotes gotta catch them all game play. Any thoughts from wild card about this maybe share some ideas you have all tossed around the table. 

And pillaring Land claiming we all do it. Because if we don’t someone else will then we have no place to build unless your on rag that map is huge. Perhaps everyone can stake a claim of land and have to pay upkeep to maintain it. And if you build outside of your land then whatever you build can be destroyed immediately. 

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Hey, I have a question but at first I want to apologize because my bad english.

I stopped to play Ark in November of 2017 because of my reason, now I wanted to play some days ago but I got a global ban and I don't know why. I talked with an old tribemate friend and he said me in the months I was not playing (I even uninstalled the game, that 300gb lul), a stupid new member use hacks or something like that and I think all the tribe got the  global ban. So, what is the problem? I do not even got Ark installed, I didn't left the tribe because, come on, I uninstalled the game, why would I left the tribe? Also I never thought that I could get a ban.

What can I do then? I get the ban because a stupid when I was not playing and now I can't. I submit a ticket three days ago and I am still waiting for the answer.
Again I want to apologize if this is not the correct place for write this, and please if someone can help me would be nice. :-)

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On 4/17/2018 at 8:58 AM, eESTlane said:

you are forcing people to join large tribes on pvp as otherwise they'd be annihilated.


You bought a game called Ark:Survival Evolved.

Human history is  about how people learned to cooperate on ever more intricate basis and use said cooperation to achieve what is best in life:


Modern research bears this out. Practically the entirety of Europe has, as ancestors, the original steppe raiders who invaded bronze-age Europe, killed most of the men and enslaved all women. Or who knows, maybe the women were fine with it due to a massive case of Stockholm syndrome.

Now, this is history, what is real. Evolution in action, humans doing their thing.


You come to play a game called.. 'Survival Evolved', and you complain about being 'forced' to join bigger tribes? 

I mean, sure it sucks not being the top guy, and having to ask admins for help, but on the other hand, if you're in some 3 person bob tribe you'll never experience be able to go raid the Chinese every evening, or the sense of camaraderie you can get after pushing an enemy fob off a capped server after a mere 4 hours, and so on and on.

Evolution is a cruel mistress, eESTlane, but evolution has made us  what we are. 

Evolution, it's not about making people do what they want to do.. it's about making them figure out what they need to do to survive.

Why are you complaining that the game literally called 'Survival Evolved'  asks you to step out of your comfort zone?

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