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modding Wildcard Workshop #4: Replication Overview


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We're back with Wildcard Workshop #4!

Today we begin to tackle the beast of Replication. The means for which we handle logic in a multiplayer environment. This video is just an overview though, and I introduce you to the different methods of replication and reinforce the correct mindset for how to visualize these interactions (With a little help from some friends B|).

In the next video I will start showing you some practical examples of replication, so don't worry if by the end of this video you don't feel like you have a good grasp of it.

The document I reference in the video can be found here as well:
'Unreal Engine 4' Network Compendium

EDIT: At 14:22 there was a mistake in my explanation that I didn't catch in editing, I didn't describe "Reliable" correctly. It DOES have an impact on the chances that the event could be dropped when the network is under stress. My statement still stands that this should only be used under an absolute necessity though,.. "the game will break if the event doesn't get executed" kind of necessity.

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