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pve ⚔️DeltaCraftArk⚔️🔥PVE/PVP Weekends🔥10xHarvest, 🔥20xTamimg🔥

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Fight your way to become the Alpha Tribe!

Join the Server By searching DeltaCraftArk in the PC session filter on Xbox!

 Or add R4yyW4LSH on Xbox to get a fast add into the server!

WE WIPE ROUGHLY EVERY 6 Months to keep the servers fresh with EPIC PVP!

Actually, have to grind for End game


PVE/PVP Community

PVP Weekends Friday 6 PM Eastern All Stats Normal Players Can Raid & Kill!

PVE Weekdays Sunday 6 PM Eastern during this time players cannot kill or raid!



Website: deltacraftark.com



Rules:  You can view all of our server rules at our website DeltaCraftArk.com
All Server Stats: 10x Harvesting,  15xXP,  20x Taming,  Player Stat Boost,  Weight Boost,  Dino Stat Boost.


What do we offer to the players?

  • We offer online currency (DeltaBucks) on our website for in-game packages send them to your friends & more.
  • We offer a Kibble Shop players can buy in-game packages with kibble from our website.
  • We offer a FREE social DeltaCraftArk Gaming Profile on our website, to share, customize and communicate with others. 
  • We Offer Weekly Rewards Autosomally From Our Website.
  • Active Discord 
  • We Offer Special Events.
  • we offer Three Maps Island, Ragnarok, Abbertation
  • Professional Server & Admin



JOIN NOW SEARCH DeltaCraftArk, Unofficial PC Gamemodes Set To ALL. 

Do you need a Website? Talk to our friends at Deltacraftark.com.

See you on the battlefield.
**NEW** 24/7 JOIN NOW

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21 hours ago, Omezin said:

Fun so far! Only complaint is taimed dinos increase move speed way too much, and odd dino levels on ragnarok (highest i saw was a 133, but mostly low levels 3-7). Still off to a good start!:)

Thanks you for your feed back! We will most definitely fix the Dino levels on  Ragnarok! We will fix the movement speed for tames Dino’s also.

Edited by R4yyW4LSHH

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