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Does anyone have some cool pics of your base designs? Id like to see how you lay things out with limited space and uneven terrain. Do you leave the Dinos out to wander or lock them up.

what about the larger  beasts?

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As a PvE player and a seasoned builder, base design is crucial for a good base. I typically try to hide my crafting area in , for example, a large central column or the foundation of the base. However, you can also have a crafting room. (When it comes to the rest of the base I hope that you have decor mods.) I personally build a home rather than a base. I do this because I’m the end, why live in just a box when you can live in a mansion for the same cost of materials. I use this logic for each of my bases. Starter and advanced. (I usually start with a nice beach home and work to a modern/futuristic mansion/structure) 

As for tames, it really depends on the animal. For flyers, I try to have a landing platform(s) of some kind. On Ragnarok, I was able to use a natural one in the alpine region. 



This is located around 50, 20 on the map. 


For smaller tames, like pets, lystros, etc., I will usually keep them inside the main base. (The only exception is the lystros which I keep near other tames) medium tames such as parasaurs, equus, trikes, etc. will be stored in a stable of some kind, whether it be a full structure or a roof held up by pillars. The main gathering tames, ankys, doeds, etc. will always be stored in a full structure, roof and all. Larger tames, rexes, allos, etc. are a bit more difficult. I usually tend to keep the carnivores out as guards. The large-herbivores also are kept out due to the fact that I do not wish to have to build a large enclosure, however I rarely tame those herbivores anyway.  Also, only leave safe  or contained tames on wander.


For some good tips on building, check out these links:


I hope you found this useful and if you need some inspiration, I will be posting pics on either this thread, a separate thread, or I can send you a message with some pictures. 

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Excellent! I’m glad you found my information helpful. I am getting close to being done with my latest project, however, it’s taking time due to me grinding for materials to tame ovi. Once I have those things, pictures will probably go on this thread, however, I may post it in a separate thread for more feedback. I will also be building some other things so look out for that as well. 

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