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pvp Nitrado hosted Xbox one Ragnarok PVP Server Needs repopulated

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Hey Survivors looking for a cool fun friendly PVP Server Come join Today.

 nitrado hosted Xbox one Boosted Ragnarok Server

Click on unofficial pc sessions in lower left hand corner and then type in

Ark Hunting Grounds into the search bar it will say (24/7) Ark Hunting Grounds 

we have discord to chat to join click on https://discord.gg/YdUeNTJ

Server Needs Repopulated 

32 player Server 

beautiful base locations still available 

strictly PvP .Anything goes on Server

only rules no killing at CC and no killing passive dinos during raiding

very friendly admins to help out new players.

Special Events.

Custom drops on map 

Wild Dino’s up to level 195

Player level is 100

Free Starter Tame.

Starter items in white Drop.

Community Center&Store is in Highland NE Spawn 17.0 83.4.store is only open every other Sunday.

10x Xp

10x Harvesting  

50x Taming 

75x Player and Tamed Dino Weight

90x Mature Rate

90x Hatching Speed 

my Xbox one GT is zVampireHunterz for any questions 

Edited by zVampireHunterz

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