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Witty Dino Names

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I let my son name alot of my dinos, so some have some whacked out names. For example, he demands that every single dimorph we get is named Fly-wing. I have one Dimorph called "Punisher" due to his black and white skull face, but the rest MUST be named Fly-wing. I think I am up to Fly-wing VI so far.

My anky I got to name, which is "Smash n' Grab", due to his metal collecting ability.

My character's name is Bob (due to the old xbox error that sometimes stopped you from being able to type, had to take the default name), and my main T-rex has the bionic outfit on it, so his name is "Bionic Bob Jnr". My second Trex just got "Bob Jnr". My son named the other three, something like Teethscare, Bitescare and something else.

My Ape-women is named Olga. My bronto is named Bertha. 

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My rhino is A Swift Death, although it itself is not always swift. Always name my highest pachy Cannon. Death's Wind for my highest wolf. Scorp is Hypodermis. Also, our first decent Spino was named Vladimir, our tribe name is K.G.B. Highest Ray will be Vlad the impaler. Also, my best Argent is named Jetstream. Any Gigas have 7 names in the pool: Genocide, Xenocide, Annihilation, Desolation, Cataclysm, Obliteration, and Extinction. Our beaver is named Skunk because it has the black and white coloration. Weight quetz is Skyliner, and war ptera is Skyspear. Highest lvl dilo is Light Out!. War bird is Stormfront. Highest lvl red raptor is Flamebrand. Always train a high speed and dmg raptor to call it Lightning as well. Named my Meg Ginsu. Always name a male carno El Toro too. Highest white wolf is Frostfang. Best terror bird is Doomdodo 

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My Raptors are Rapunzel, Ralf and Rapha.
My Triceratops couple are Trini and Triceps.
My Sarcos are Sarco Pansa and Sarcozy.
My Pterandon is called Ptolemaeus
My Parasaur herd is called Paragon, Paradox, Parallax, Parachute, Paranormal and Paralegal.
My Philomias are Persimmon Phil and Punxsutawney Phil.
My Casto is called Fritz.
And if i ever tame a Rex. it will be called Al Swearengen.

oh, and my rafts are the Mary Celeste and the Andrea Doria

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I tamed a pink Beezelbufo and named her Pinkie, for obvious reasons. Then I tamed a Raptor that was boosted in speed and stamina, so I named her Dash. Then I got a stego that I named Spike, after the Land Before Time character. Then one day I realized the accidental theme that was building... Jack, Shy, and Twilight will be next up.

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I went pretty random with some of the dino names and obscure references.

Max Damage Ptera (before nerf) Fokker

My argy - Tomcat

My best rex - Spot

My Female spino - Mileena

Someone else already got it but I named my Anky - AnklyoRen

Female Dire Wolf - Moro

My roo - Roger

My raptor - Alex

My frog - Jeremiah

My Carno - Jim Carrney

My Gigantop - Kitty

Bonus points if someone gets all the random references.

P.S. Cant forget John, George, Ringo, and Paul (you can guess what creature they are)

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