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I'm tempted to name my first Mosasaurus "A Bigger Boat" just so I can make the same Jaws joke every time I go into the sea for resources.

I've got a scorpion named Sub-Zero. Well, I giggled.

Dont know if ive posted on this thread before but, my phiomias are name: Melissa McCarthy Amy Schumer Hillary Clinton Ke$ha because all they are good for is producing crap

I don't have a set method for naming my dinos. Many times I will use the first name that pops in my head. Usually that is a result of the taming process, so I have .... 

Detour, Opportunity, Distracted, Damn Troodon, Damn Dilo, Surprise, Big Scare, Last Dart, Windfall, Redwood, etc.


For my born and raised dinos, I like to tame with a theme,

Allos are all named after Minnesota Hockey players (primarily goons - Boogaard, Scott, Plett, etc.)

Dilos have the last name "Azzhole" because that is what those things are.

Spinos = Spinal Tap, Spinster, Spine Tingler, Spine Bender 

Argies = tend to be color related , Red Devil, Blue Demon, Black Hawk, Blood Red, Canary (yellow), Parrot, Macaw, Cardinal, Bluebird, Crow, Blue Wing, Plum Wing, Liver Wing, Black Tip, Blue Tip, you get the idea.

Raptors = Ice T, Ice Cube, DaBrat, Marshall Mathers ..... you guessed it, Rappers.


But some I just use a play on their breed names

Giant Slothes = Mega bucks, Mega Lotto, Megadeth, Mega Man, sMegma

Carnos = Chile con Carno, Carnation, Carny Vore

Rex = Rex-N-Effects, Rexy Time, Trection,  Trex R for Kids, (the rest are named after college friends)

Pteras = Peter Ptera (singer from Chicago), Ptera Griffin, 


Finally, some are just stupid names I make up on the spot.

Anklos = HammerTime, Swinger, HulkSmash

Morelletops = Topsy, Turvy, Topper Harley, Tank Top

Doeds = Rock N Roll, Rock Star, Rock icon

Wyverns = Taco Bell (Fire), Tampa Bay (Lightning), Bret Michaels (Poison)

Thorny Lizard = Meso Thorny

Dung Beatles = Skatman, DunGary,


other various named Dinos include Legit, Finally, At Last, 6 Times (I died six times trying to tame my first Tickle Chicken)

I wish I was at home so I could boot up the game and refresh my memory on names. (I play SE, Island, and Center, and have hundreds of dinos on each map.



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my mutated scorpion is fabulous james, my all white compy is debonair, barbra strysand for my yuty, quetzolcuotl for the quetz, brock or macho golem rando savage, mark zuckerburg for the dino that needs to kill already tamed dinos to be tamed,  clobbergirl is the anky, gary the gator, bary the lifeguard baryonix, carlton the pachy, steve the monkey.

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Named by first female Sabertooth Wolfie because opposite is amusing to me (had a Tape named Rexejera and I can't remember the story of why exactly but it killed something it shouldn't have been able to). Was going to name our Otter's after the chipmunks but only one is a male and we didn't think it was important enough to google the female chipmunk names. 

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These are my dino names:

Indominus: White female giga

Artemis: Black female rex

Athena: Mint green female rex

Tank: Male brown ankylo

Catastrophic Quaken: Male dodic

Aura: Black female quetzal

Thunderclap: male cyan mutated argy

Eagleflight: pure white female argy

Ravenclaw: black and gold male argy 

Atlas: White male tapejara

Icarus: Blue and green male theri

Colossus: Green male bronto

Roundhouse: Red Male pachyrhino

Ramsey: Female green trike

Blackthorn: Male black trike

Tempest: White female direwolf

Nightglider: Male black pteranodon

Moonriser: Black saber female

Riftrunner: black male gallimimus

Spike: Male green stego

Gladoes: Female tan and brown stego

Fin: Brown male spino

Snowy: White female beaver

Troody: Red male dilpodocus

Sepron: Male green sarco

Buck: black megaloceros

Frosty: White frosted male mammoth

Eggs benedict: Oviraptor

Dagur: Black scorpion

Butch: Red and white male Rex 

Tyra: Female brown bronto

Roadrunner: White male terror bird

Tiny: Female White dodo

Don: Male green dodo

Grump: male tan paracer

Scourge: Male black direwolf

When they add Thylacoleo to ark mobile I'm calling them this

Warrior: Male

Huntress: Female

And after I tame a megalosaurus, I will call it this:

Midnight Hour: Female

Maul: Male

i don't have any water creatures because my base is between a redwood and a swamp and I don't want to risk leaving them far away





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my beavers are woodchuck and chuckwood as the rhyme goes.

Emily bronto and her sister

Wyvern. Alan Sugar (you're fired) and Twisted Firestarter

Wyvern. Alice Cooper (poison)

to name but a few

almost forgot my megatherium with saddle is Phil on his Harmonica.


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