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Witty Dino Names

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Oh, dear, dear, dear.  I'm loving this thread.  I tend to use funny names (getting great new ideas here), so here goes:

Rap Sheet:  first raptor.  When I get a GOOD raptor, I name them Bad Rap.  A pretty patterned raptor will be Pretty Bad Rap.

Package and Male Package (Turtles... what, they are PACK dinos...)

Dipstick (Diplo.. this goes back to an old TV show, The Dukes of Hazard:  "Enos, you dipstick!"... yes, they are much like Enos....)

Devon and Selkirk are always my first two Rexes, usually immediately followed by Cornish.  Devon Rex, Selkirk Rex, and Cornish Rexs are cat breeds.  I've also used "Mr. T" (that's got to be a very popular Rex name...)

Catcher in the Sky (first Quetz that gets made into a Quetz-catching-Quetz).  Pun on "Catcher in the Rye"

My first serious (high level) Quetz was named Instant Replay... because we hit a bug while taming him, and had to restart the server and do it again.

Allozon Prime is my max Allosaur.  If you don't get that, you've never shopped on Amazon.

My first male Ptera is always Wilbur.  The first female is always Amelia.  The second male is usually Orville.  If you don't recognize those names in reference to flight, you need to study history. :)  I'm also fond of using "Mario Greymax" as I seem to find max level grey/white pteras.  But you won't get the reference unless you are Steven Brust fan.

Shere Khan is usually my male cat.  I really hope people recognize THAT one...

I named my first male Giga... Shytz (that's probably going to get censored out).  I figured if I got a female, I would name her "Giggles".  Then I would have "Shytz and Giggles".  Hopefully, you will figure it out despite any editing... (if not, I'll link a screenshot with his name)

Compaq (Compy).  Usually followed by Dell (I can't claim credit for that one--stole it from a friend)

Quiche and Omlette for Ovis.

And, because my creativity only runs so far... I usually name my Argys using the current Hurricane and Tropical Storm name list, in Alpha order.  This can get weird if I start with one year's list then move to the next.  I have Alex and Bonnie right now, but I may have used last year's list because I got the male first, and lists alternate male female (meaning, last year's started with a male; this year starts with female).


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Oh, Doey names!



Doh! (reserved for max level tames)

Rock N Roll

... and I usually name beavers:  WuldChuk and CuldChuk.  If you don't get those references, then you have never pondered how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood... :)

edit:  typo

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I have:
Yogi, BooBoo, Hair, all direbears

Justin, a beaver

Winona, a brown beaver

Clubber Lang, a anky

Slapfight Champ, a rex

other than those, I usually name my dinos by their type and then their wild level, tame bonus and sex for identification purposes for breeding (ie a wild 150 rex would be named: Rex 150+74M).


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Late to the party but have Charlize Therizinosaurus, a megalodon named Sharknado (not sure if witty but I just put points in movement speed and take in circles for awhile.), but other than that I just give them regular names but based on their breed. Like Tyrannosaurus' are names like Terry, Tyra, etc. My Golem is named Smash because Golem. 

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Black sabertooth: Black Lives Matter

Pteranadon: Pter Panadon

Direwolves: Generic Wolf Name, Bad Moon

Direbear: Shardik 

The rest are just named human names that start with the same letter as the dinos (Ronnie the Rex etc) not super witty, but fun.

Also named a bunch of dodos after my tribe mates. 

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Mammoth - Fluffy Bollocks

Rex - Rich Piana

Iguanodon - Jason Genova

Phioma - Farty Arse

Gigantopithecus - Sassy/Donny

Frog - Kermits Balls

Mosa - Sammy the Snake

Squid - Dreadlord, Yogg Saron

Giga - Deus Ex Machina (giga skin)

Dunkleostous - Fat Dump

Angler - Pearl Snorter

Doedicerus - D**** Tummy

Anky - Wonky Nob

The list goes on....

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