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I'm tempted to name my first Mosasaurus "A Bigger Boat" just so I can make the same Jaws joke every time I go into the sea for resources.

I've got a scorpion named Sub-Zero. Well, I giggled.

Dont know if ive posted on this thread before but, my phiomias are name: Melissa McCarthy Amy Schumer Hillary Clinton Ke$ha because all they are good for is producing crap

The first dino that I 100% imprinted and it now has over 700% melee is a tera I named Turok. 

I have a Arthropluera named Ellis Dee.  for the acid she spits.

I have a fighting dodo (~550 melee) that I tried to name Little Jerry Seinfeld but it would not allow that name so I had to name him lil Jerry.  

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All Dilos are called "Dildo Army" Like 20 of them

A rex named Brexit

Ptera name Jet 

My Quetz will be named Bomber. Might name the Argy that and the Quetz Navy Carrier, or something.

Carl the carno after Carl from "The Aqua Teen Hunger Force".

Dire Wolf named Dire Straits (might change that to Sexy after reading these post. LMAO at that)

Raptors named Rapper. Crapper, Flapper, and Napper.

Doed name Roly Poly

Scorps named Sting, and The Police. Scorpius (farscape) is a good one too.

Chalicotherium named CatholicBearCow

Many more just a few of the great ones to me.


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Currently, I have...

Pterabyte (Ptera), Gigabyte (Giga), Megabyte (Megalodon), Harambe (Giganto), Overhaul (Diplo), The Fat Lizard (Rex... I was annoyed at it while taming him), and Slimeball (newt). That doesn't include the approximately 20-25 eggasaurs I have. Oh, and my dodos: Dumpling, Fast Food, Wild Wings, and McNugget

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A lot of good names in here, I have a few...


Justin Beaver, I know, someone else did too,

Selena Gopher

Margaret Thatcher

Woody Harrelson (RIP, Chinese)


Brienne of Tarth

Key Lime, He's bright green.

Mosasaur (Color based names)

Little Boy Blue

Golgotha, yes, think Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, he's that color.


I Outrun Raptors, He is very fast, nearing 200 percent.

Hot Garbage, He was a 150 perfect tame, with crappy stats.


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My very first tames, dodotello and dodoronomy. 

Got a female rex named Rexbecca.

My 2 very temporary turtle tames were named squidbait and probably-going-to-die. (spoiler: they died)

Over the course of my time playing I have tamed and lost many mesopithecus' and have named most of them poomagedon or monkey see, monkey poo.

Got 2 scorps named sir and madam scuttles. Sir scuttles has some cute glasses on him and I like to think that his black saddle is like a top hat.

My jerboa is named sir whiskers, and he actually does have a top hat.

Then I have clifford the big red spino.

Dire wolf is named sif. And now that I think about it I'll probably name a kaprosuchus ornstein (dat dash attack). And maybe an ankylo smough.

My poison wyvern triplets are named adonis, krait, and ivy, after some poisonous plants and animals.

Soon as I get an onyc I'm naming him manbat.


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Ooohooohh. I got some more.

Pink Mosa - Chernobyl Salmon

Beavers - Natalie Wood, James Woods. Still looking for Woody Harrelson 2. I did not name those two, they were tribemates tames, but they are on the bandwagon for naming after famous people.

Gigantopithecus - Rasta Pasta, It has an asc Ghillie Hat.

Dire Bear - Gryssa Lee

Squid - Rick Astley  He cost us a high level mosa because he locked on and refused to let go, even after tame, mosa popped. We tamed a 145 and 150 mosa the next day. RIP, Red Beast.

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We have an anky named Nigel Thornberry (because he is smashing) a Rex named Oedipus rex (because he is a mother f****r) A wolf named Wolf Blitzer and one naimed Air bud (Wolf Blitzer was a gimmee). We have a Bronto named Berrius Maximus, and another Rex named Fluffy. A purple quetz named Purple Rain. We try and cleveryl name things when we can. 

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I usually just work off themes like naming all my turtles after breakfast cereals. Otherwise I'm just staring at a blank name plate for far too long trying to think of something clever. But sometimes a name idea will pop into my head, like my first Megalosaurus I named "Shut up, Meg!" after it chased me around a cave and nipped at my hinder while I attempted to tranq it.

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3 minutes ago, Ymhotep said:

I usualy use mithological names or names from fantasy like:

Alextraza (red female spinosaur)

Tyrania (female T-Rex)

Fenris (male direwolf)

And for monkies i use nicknames of my friends. :) 

We name our Monkeys after bags, Backpack III (sad story), Satchel, Wallet, Manpurse, Duffel, Suitcase, and of course, Fannypack

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There's this one Giganotosaurus that I tried to tame, but resulted in a bloodbath of my other tames. He was an angry son of a glitch, so angry I dubbed this level 112 fury, "Mad Max". Mad Max was able to survive a direct jab from a Wooly Rhino, named Horne. I plan to slaughter this beast of hatred to put Horne and the rest of the fallen at rest.

Then, here's another naming convention for dinos, the kind that shake the heavens, make them seem godlike. I'm talking about divine names. The first male Raptor I tamed went by Talon, after the Raptor God of survival from Primal Rage, whose spheres are that of the wind, the great game, and the chase. You probably have an idea by now.

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