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TLC Pass 2: Argentavis, Parasaur, Raptor, Sarcosuchus, Spinosaur, & Triceratops!

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Rex has good hp and that's it, the damage is pathetically low considering the rex had the highest bite force of any land creature on the history of the planet.

Patch v279 finds its way charge through the ARK with new some tender loving care for some old friends! The Argentavis, Parasaur, Raptor, Sarcosuchus, Spinosaur, and Triceratops find themselves receivi

Yes 6 fixes out of 600(give or take). Good dent, great start.

15 minutes ago, Dibdab said:

Jat or some other moderator: where is the changelog? More change has occured than specified in this article and I'd like to see it all.

For example I would like to know why I can no longer climb all the way up most small redwood trees with climbing hooks on the aberration map, making all my taps redundant.

The main page has all 3 logs at the top

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