Modding Tutorial Contest #5: Freestyle! [Submissions Closed]
Winner: Spy Drone by SamKO
Runner-up: Cave Tutorial by @Exilog   All Submissions:
Making a Ballistic Missile by @Xanjis Color Shifting Dino Costume by @Finntastic  
There are numerous genius thoughts and ideas and methods that people come up with that I could never anticipate or fit into a theme. So occasionally we'll do a freestyle contest like this!

Freestyle means you can submit any tutorial you like. Remember, all those features or ideas that you came up with while working on your mods and thought, "Oh wow! This is super useful, I need to make a tutorial on this at some point!", but never quite got around to it?
Well, this is the opportunity to throw those hats into the contest.

  Contest Guidelines Topic: Freestyle! Any topic at all unrestricted by theme! Submissions (Pick one): Video Tutorials Please enable closed captions. Text Tutorials Make use of images in the tutorial.