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modding Wildcard Workshop #1: Getting Started!

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Posted (edited)

Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to the first installment of Wildcard Workshop! Where I bring you tutorials, tips & tricks, and best practices for modding.

Today we’re going to be starting from the top. We will be installing the ARK Dev Kit and everything that you need to know about that. I will introduce you to all of the resources you have available to turn to when building your mods, and then we will set up our project space and the required files for a 'game mod' which we will use when creating our first mod in the next episode of Wildcard Workshop!

<-- Back to Wildcard Workshop tutorials


Here are the links and resources that were referenced in the video:

Sign up for an Epic Games account
Download the Epic Games Launcher

Information Resource Links:
Ark Dev Kit forums (UE4 subforum)
SurviveTheArk.com Workshop Forum
ArkModding.Net Website
ArkModding Discord
Modding World Discord (This is another modding discord that did not get referenced in the video)

Unreal Engine 4:
UE4 Documentation
UE4 Forums
Unreal Engine Youtube Channel

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a reply!

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Posted (edited)

By the way, I am working on the closed captions right now for anybody that needs it for accessibility or that needs the youtube CC translations.

EDIT: CC is done :)

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Posted (edited)

Having a bit of trouble here.  Tried re-creating the mod start up you've made step by step.  But on loading PrimaGameFiles_BP, the entire dev kit locks up tight as a brick.  Can't cancel, can hit anything else, have to get out of it via task manager to close.

Waited a while and nothing changes.  Locks at 80% when you hit the BP file showing a progress bar and doesn't move any further.

EDIT:  Finally got this to go thru the 2nd time, which brought up a task download bar, but somehow made another file named New World which appears next to Dinoshrine (have no idea how I did that but there is an icon in the middle of this file that leads me to believe I'm blueprinting the New World file instead of Dinoshrine) but when naming the blueprint, I do not understand what "suffics it" means and can not see what your typing there in the vid. (too small)

Finally got out of the dev kit this time, appeared to be locked up again, but this time when I brought up task manager to close it out, it brought up another box to save or not save.  Didn't save it.

I'm using a Windows 10, 2017 Alienware Area 51, 64 ram, top of the line, so hopefully this lag/lock up in the dev kit is not caused by computing power. 

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Great work Zen! Awesome to see active mod support from someone who has actually had to use the dev kit as a regular customer even as we did in the EA days working in what seemed a total lack of information.

Again, Great work and Thank you!


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