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pve DeticatedX Cluster | All maps | 10x Taming | 30x Breed | Character LVL 250

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Hey and welcome!

If you have planned to play and complete all the dangers in ARK, along with other players? This is the server for you!
Server cluster is located in both US and EU. We have all maps, for easy travel between all maps using same Character.
We are running events and a Market for sell, buy and trade dinos. Active Admins who will help you when needed.

And we also have a rotating Event Server "map". With custom Events. Tame crazy high level dinos, and bring them back to our standard maps/servers.
Other events we run is Respawned bosses in the Event word map. And let the hole cluster hunt them together. We use our Event server to many crazy things.

We host our servers at Nitrado, and our servers are placed in UK and USA East. We have done this for years and a very friendly Community.

Homepage: http://www.ark-server.nu
Twitter: @deticatedX https://twitter.com/deticatedx
Discord: https://discord.gg/39uDGPs
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/arkdeticatedx 

Max Lvl Player 250
- Difficulty set is 16x at all our servers
- 4x XP
- 4x Special XP 
- 4x Crafting
- 30x Breeding
- 12x Egghatch 
- 10x Taming
- 5x Stacking
- Custom stacking
- Longer day, shorter night
- Friendy fire is disable (You can not kill other players, but you can kill your tames and you tribemembers)
- Platform build can clip in terrain  (So you can build nice bases)
- Food drain on tamed Dino is very low
- Faster respawn of resoruces
- 30 days decay on tamed dinos
- Offline Damage protection is activated
- Maximal XP on Tamed Dino Stamina, weight
- We have boosted stamnia, weight at player and dinos.
- LVL 5 Unlocks Tek Generator and Transmitter to use
- You can earn all Engrams

* Our main Map is Changed from Island to Ragnarok Mars 2019
* Our Center, Valguerp map have custom wild respawns like Griffins, Owl etc. Makes this nice maps more fair.

- No immature kids

In ARK game Menu:

1. Start ARK
2. Select "Join ARK"
3. Select "Unofficial PC Session" from the Session Filter
4. Filter "All Maps" and "PVE"
5. Search "Deticated" in the seach bar
6. Join the server/map of your choice within the Deticated family! 

- Our admins are not the owner of this cluster. And never use adminabuse, and are handpicked for the job and for there good social skills.

Best Regards



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We are now five players. Could be even more fun with more players.
If you join, you can get CreativeMode for 24h. It gives a good start to our ARK, so you're in our development.
Server performance is very good. Steady 30FPS on server, (We Build Large Bases!) and ping around 12ms within the EU. And around 19-20 for US.

Send your coordinates to SWE ALF.
Then I come and give Creative mode to you. And say hello and welcome.

Best Regards


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Now we have a total of 9 players. And We have made some changes to the server. We have changed difficulty to 1.0

There is still room for some new players who want to play ISLAND for a little longer playing And like to build on their bases.

Welcome if you want to play for a long time without decy on buildings and dinos. We have our own bases a little scattered, and are quite self-evident. But help each other when needed with resources or tamper with more difficult dinos.

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We are still going. And have built a marketplace for all tribes. A place there we trade, sell and buy resources and Dinos. We have also built bridges between Island and teleporters for more easy move between all tribes.

Tribes always lokking for new tribe members. So welcome to join. 

Best regards


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Latest news. We have built a Gladiator Arena. We always try to expend the game with new feature. It can bee boring when you have tamed everything. 
Regarding tame limit? The default Tamelimit is 250 on Private Dedicated Server, can't change on private server. But you can come around it to split Big Tribes to smaller tribes and use Alliance, then you can have 250 dines per person.  

On weekends we have 15 players online steady, but we are total over 20 players. when server is public in game list, its crazy... more then 40.

Best regards Alf

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We also have a racing track where we compete with horses. It will soon be ready for its first race.

We will have different competitions where survivors compete with their own horses and other dinos. There will also be races where you can only use horses out of the racing stable. This is for those who have not even got a horse yet. You can also buy horses at markeplace.

Welcome to join our server... Its little different from others. We are making lot of events. And take ARK from boring. taming, feeding state to more play forever game.

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We have now got three new Admin to help all new survivors. And we have events every week. We also have new hardware regarding the server to achieve absolute best quality on the game. We welcome you to join our great Community.

ADD Xboxplayer (server): DETICATEDXBONE to your friendlist and join our Word.


Best regards



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This "Island Server" (DeticatedXBONE) is now in cluster with our "Aberration Server" (DedicatedALF). You can upload Dino and other stuff in a obelisk. And download the Dino on the other server. So you can move things between the servers. This is unique feature and you will not find any other player dedicated server that supports this.

We will also soon set up a "The Center map" that will also be included in this cluster. Feel free to take a look at our new website for our servers: www.ark-server.nu

Best Regards

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Serenity, tasha and duchess Welcome! Thank you for contributing to our community. You are amazing.

And of course we are looking for new good survivors that fit into our community.

One small thing, all our admins are women  It has been shown over the years that it seems to be in the sex how to administer a server best. The absolute best is that we have no Admin abuse at all. Our admins are active and help everyone, create events and make sure everyone is well and progress.

We now have a Ragnarok PVP server. The unique thing about our cluster is that we allow dino / stuff transfer between our PVP and PVE servers. That means you can breed and tame on our ISLAND PVE servers and then move them to more aggressive PVP Ragnarok server for war.

Visit: www.ark-server.nu for more information about our community

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